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Stay ahead in '23 with funding

Plan for today and tomorrow with funding through Shopify Capital—and get the extra cash you need to grow your business faster.

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Own your growth

Turn challenges into opportunities with funding designed for businesses like yours.

Trusted partner

Secure funding through the platform you already trust to help run your business.

Grow your business, your way

Spend your funds on what your business needs most. You call the shots.

Payments that flex

Pay from a small fixed percentage of your daily shop sales. Slower days equal smaller payments.

Easily accessible

Minimal paperwork. No business plans required. Plus, manage everything within Shopify.

Offers based on insights

Funding is based on store performance and sales, not personal credit reports.

Funding ready when you are

Get your funds in days, not weeks. If approved, receive funding in as quick as 2 days.

Make your plan and fund it

Plan your next move with funding as agile as your business. Spend your funds on inventory, marketing, cash flow, or anywhere else you see fit.

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Beat backorders

Stock up on best-sellers, lock in bulk discounts, explore a new product line, and gain more control over today's unpredictable supply chains.

Power your brand

Optimize for SEO, collab with brand influencers, launch a rewards or referral program, and stay competitive all year with paid marketing, social, search, and more.

Get peace of mind

Keep rainy day funds on hand and prepare for the unexpected by staying in control of your cash flow at all times.

How merchants use Shopify Capital to grow their businesses


“We've used seven rounds of funding since 2019. This year, we're now the fifth fastest growing consumer products company in the US.”

— Joaquin Arce, Chief Growth Officer


“Without Shopify Capital, we'd probably move a lot slower. Extra capital allows a business to move really quickly and seize on opportunities when they appear.”

— Joe Parenteau, CEO and co-founder

Keep your momentum going in 2023

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$4.3B+ funded
to Shopify merchants
Up to $2M offers
with options to renew.¹
36% higher sales
for shops with funding through Shopify Capital in the following 6 months compared to their peers, on average.²

8 ways Capital can help grow your business in 2023

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Get answers to all your FAQs, from eligibility to repayment.

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  • Results may vary for every merchant.
  • 1Eligible merchants may receive funding offers up to $2M.
  • 2The statistic is based on the geometric average of merchants’ six months’ cumulative GMV after taking the first round of Shopify Capital. Propensity score matching was used for pairing of the groups. The study makes further assumptions including equality of access to external funding and similar market trends in the US and Canada.