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Bosstab Touch Nexus Universal Stand


Offers a flexible and secure mount along with a customer facing display.

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  • 24/7 support is available for this product whenever you need it
  • Free 30 day returns
  • Covered under 1 Year Warranty
  • Features a minimalist design with no external casing, your tablet is secured in place using strong 3M adhesives and an additional hex screw lock for added security
  • Includes a 180 degree swivel, which is perfect for customer facing POS
  • Displays your device in either portrait or landscape orientation with low-set form factor that blends seamlessly into every environment
  • Easily charge your device with internal cable routing through the Touch bracket and down the stand
  • Offers flexible mounting solution to secure your stand to your countertop (free-standing, screw-mount and adhesive-mount)
  • Manufacturer: Bosstab
  • Model: Touch Nexus
  • Base:
    • Height: 3.19"
    • Depth: 2.83"
    • Width: 2.83"
  • Mount:
    • Height: 5"
    • Width: 3.82"
  • Weight: 0.8 kg
  • 1 x Touch Nexus bracket
  • 1 x Touch Nexus base
  • 2 x Countertop mounting bolts
  • 1 x Rotation lock screw
  • 1 x Allen key
  • Quick Start Guide

Recommended for merchants looking for a low-set countertop stand designed to blend seamlessly into the interior of any environment.

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