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The Shopify app lets you take the world's most powerful tools for creating, growing, and managing your business anywhere.

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A woman looking at a mobile phone while standing outside. A mobile phone is superimposed on the right, along with a display of a dashboard of total sales.

Running your business isn’t a desk job.
The Shopify app keeps it that way.

Create your online store

Bring your idea to life without any coding or design experience

Grow your audience

Promote your business with built-in SEO, social media, and marketing tools

Manage from anywhere

Keep track of sales, payments, and fulfillments, all from your phone

Create a store that's unmistakably yours

Create and customize an online store that’s uniquely yours with 100+ professional themes that let you add and edit branding, products, and images from anywhere.

A mobile phone showing a store that sells t-shirts. A chat box is superimposed over it displaying a conversation between a shopper and an employee. There are multiple social media company icons and emojis floating in the upper right corner.

Reach customers anytime, anywhere

Sell your products and connect with customers—all from your mobile device. Easily share products across social media, build beautiful email marketing campaigns in just a few taps, and accept payments in person with Tap to Pay on iPhone for Shopify POS.

Get more done on the go

Shopify’s app gives you a single dashboard to manage orders, shipping, inventory, payments, and more, from any screen.

A mobile phone showing a blue floral shirt. Superimposed over it is a dashboard featuring store performance, using metrics such as today's sales, sessions, average order value, conversion rate, total orders, net sales, and visitors.

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