Shopify mobile

Start and grow your business wherever you are

The Shopify app lets you create an online store, manage orders, and find customers—from your desk, your couch, or anywhere in between.

A woman looking at a mobile phone while sitting at a table outside with a cup of coffee. A mobile phone is superimposed on the right displaying a dashboard of sales over time, with three buttons and text that reads create your online store, grow your audience, manage from anywhere.

Running your business isn’t a desk job. The Shopify app keeps it that way.

Create your online store

Bring your idea to life without any coding or design experience

Grow your audience

Promote your business with built-in SEO, social media, and marketing tools

Manage from anywhere

Keep track of sales, payments, and fulfillments, all from your phone

A man in a suit looking at his mobile phone and holding a coffee in his other hand. A mobile phone is superimposed on the right displaying three different products.

Manage your Shopify store on the go

Whether you need to upload product photos, edit your store’s theme, or even run a marketing campaign, Shopify’s ecommerce app makes it possible to run your business from anywhere in the world.
A woman talking on the phone while leaning over a desk and looking at a laptop. A mobile phone is superimposed on the left with a product and a large shopping cart icon and percentage sign.

Respond to real-time information

See real-time and recent activity, gain insight into your visitors, track sales, and analyze your business performance. This data lives in your pocket and goes where you go.
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Keep track of incoming orders anytime, anywhere

Shopify’s mobile ecommerce app gives you a single dashboard to manage orders, shipping, and payments, all from your smartphone.

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Download the app, and take your business anywhere