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NOBULL accelerates ecommerce growth with a focus on loyalty and retention to increase repeat buyers by 46%

NOBULL Product Hero

NOBULLis a footwear, apparel, and accessory brand for people who train hard and don't believe in excuses. The company launched its ecommerce business in 2015, later upgrading to Shopify Plus to use Shopify Plus Technology Partner Bluecoreto leverage greater customization, personalization, and automated merchandising campaigns.

Today, NOBULL nurtures its thriving community of brand loyalists from all over the globe by effectively scaling personalization across digital channels. With Shopify Plus, NOBULL enjoys greater customer engagement and retention, as well as increased conversion and revenue.

Shopify Plus and its certified personalization partner, Bluecore, made it possible to provide more personalized digital experiences by allowing us to better understand and segment our customers across automated campaigns versus having to build 10+ campaigns a day. This has led to a significant increase in revenue.


Joy Huang — Director of Loyalty & Retention Marketing


Fashion and Apparel



Vorig platform



Apps and Integrations, Growth and Scale, Global Commerce, Replatforming and Upgrades

Met Shopify zag NOBULL snel resultaten.


Lift in conversion


Increase in predicted customer lifetime value


Increase in known repeat buyers

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Met welke bedrijfsuitdagingen heb jij te maken? Wij kunnen je helpen.Contact opnemen