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LSKD grows US online revenue by 216% with dedicated expansion store

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Fashion and Apparel

Previous platform

Adobe Commerce


Shopify Plus, Shopify POS

Use case

International Expansion, Retail and POS

Founded in 2007, LSKD (or ‘Loose Kid’) is an Australia-based clothing brand that produces high-quality sportswear with a street aesthetic and a focus on functional fitness. Although LSKD began as a wholesaler, it has since reinvented itself as a vibrant consumer-facing brand with online retail at the heart of its business. The company has also made a splash in the physical retail space, opening multiple stores at home and abroad.

Since implementing the Shopify Plus expansion store capabilities, LSKD has seen:

  • 216% year-on-year growth in US store revenue
  • 37% year-on-year increase in overall online store sales
  • 400% increase in POS revenue

The Challenge

As LSKD planned its international expansion in the United States, the team wanted to ensure that it brought a rich brand aesthetic and highly personalized customer experience to its new online assets. While LSKD’s existing online store, powered by Adobe Commerce, had the capability to serve shoppers in multiple countries, the brand needed a website that could be customized to resonate with consumers and communities in the US specifically.

The Solution

LSKD switched to Shopify Plus in 2019. When it was ready to expand its presence in the US, the team used the Shopify Plus expansion store capability to quickly and easily create a new store tailored for the market.

LSKD imported content from its existing store to launch its dedicated US site, which was then tailored to the needs and sensibilities of shoppers in the US. While the dedicated store offered US consumers a culturally and aesthetically-relevant shopping experience, Shopify Plus’s Unified Admin made managing the new site a breeze, as it shared a single backend with the company’s main store.

Using the dedicated US online store as a starting point, LSKD has expanded further, opening a physical retail store in San Diego and pop-up sales booths at sporting and community events across the country—all underpinned by the US expansion store via the integrated Shopify POS system. This physical presence has helped the company boost engagement with US customers and build community nationwide, mirroring the success of its retail strategy in Australia, which to date includes eight physical stores, all of which are underpinned by Shopify POS.

The Results

Since upgrading to Shopify Plus and launching its dedicated US store, LSKD has seen a dramatic rise in sales in that market, which has contributed to a surge in online sales across the business as a whole. Moreover, the customization of the US expansion store has helped the company to better engage US consumers and lay the groundwork for its community building efforts in the country, which have been spurred on by the opening of its San Diego outlet and its involvement in sporting events throughout the country.

Crucially, LSKD has been able to maintain its brand aesthetic and experience for customers across both online and offline channels, including its global fleet of nine retail outlets and the brand’s rolling schedule of pop-up stores, all of which are supported by Shopify POS. The ability for LSKD to create a seamless brand experience for customers across all channels reinforces the effectiveness of the company’s values and community-based approach to customer engagement, a factor that helps drive retention and conversion for the brand.

Our move to Shopify Plus opened up more channels and enabled us to shift to a multi-store model to serve different markets. We opened the US store in 2020 to build the brand there. And this has been further entrenched by the opening of the San Diego retail outlet, which runs off the US expansion store.

  • LSKD
  • Jason Daniel — Founder and CEO

With Shopify, LSKD saw results fast.


year-over-year growth in US store revenue


year-on-year increase in overall online store sales


increase in POS revenue

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