[Free Webinar] Shopify Shipping 101: How to Pitch Shopify Shipping to Clients

shopify shipping

It’s no secret that shipping can be a major pain point for your clients, but if done right, it can be a huge competitive advantage. While shipping might not be your area of expertise, we can help you set your clients up for success.

In this free webinar hosted by Rebecca Maiorino — Commercial Manager of Shipping and Fulfillment at Shopify — we'll walk you through the Shopify Shipping solution, and give you a first glimpse at some of the new features we’re introducing to make shipping better for our merchants.

You’ll also gain tips and guidance on how to pitch Shopify Shipping to your clients in the USA and Canada, so you can save them time and money.

During this session, Rebecca will cover:

  • A Shopify Shipping walkthrough to get you familiar with the product
  • Who can use Shopify Shipping
  • Carrier calculated shipping — what it is, and why your clients want it
  • Shipment weight and dimensions
  • Shipping hardware
  • How to generate discount codes
  • Sharing Shopify Shipping with your clients

This webinar was live on Thursday, October 26 at 1:00PM EDT (10:00AM PDT/5:00PM UTC).

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