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Profumerie Griffe doubles sales with Shopify Plus

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Previous Platform

Adobe Commerce


Health, beauty, and cosmetics

Use Case

Growth and scale, Migration

Profumerie Griffe began as a small perfumery and hairdressing business in 1981. Now part of the Naïma group, it has grown to become a well established brand in the beauty sector with 21 physical shops. Over the past 30 years, its offer has expanded from cosmetics to personal care and perfumery with an assortment of the best international brands.

By migrating to Shopify Plus, Griffe laid the foundations for exponential growth of its online business with:

  • The integration of the entire inventory in real time (over 40,000 SKUs and 400 different brands)
  • The acceleration of checkout by 4x
  • A workflow optimisation boost of 60%, resulting in a more efficient labour management that saves about five hours per week

The challenge

After the acquisition by Naïma, Profumerie Griffe became a beauty megastore with products for all price ranges and ages. Thirteen years after the store first went online, the brand needed an ecommerce partner that would allow the company to scale and grow exponentially.

The goal was to go omnichannel in a short time frame.

  • Profumerie Griffe
  • Marcello Casella — Cofounder

At peak times, such as Black Friday, the platform couldn't handle the website’s online traffic, thwarting the company’s work and investments. The team needed to have a comprehensive and flexible system to optimise their online operations. The previous ecommerce platform, Adobe Commerce, had limitations, and its management required resources that were taken away from the development of other aspects of the business. In 2022, Griffe decided to migrate to Shopify.

The main objective was to effectively manage traffic peaks during critical times of the season to avoid thwarting marketing investments.

  • Profumerie Griffe
  • Alessandro Labozzetta — Ecommerce Project Manager

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The company decided to migrate to Shopify Plus and completed the transition in just six months. The migration allowed total customisation, whereas the previous solution required additional costs and time for each update.

We can now modify every single line of code, and this enables us to save budget on customisation.

  • Profumerie Griffe
  • Alessandro Labozzetta — Ecommerce Project Manager

The migration was divided into three phases: front end, back end, and SEO. The first was the implementation of the graphics using the most requested processes and trends by customers. In the second phase for the back end, Griffe synchronised the management system with Shopify via their API, thanks to Shopify dev documentation. Lastly, the company migrated their products without impacting their SEO.

With Shopify Flow, the business created automation flows for every type of routine, a change that allowed the company to focus on its brand awareness efforts. Moreover, the integration of the Meta and Google apps via API allowed them to manage advertising campaigns and easily analyse their effectiveness. Thanks to the Search & Discovery function, Griffe reduced costs with the customisation of complementary keywords for their customers’ favourite products.

“Fraud Control allowed us to prevent fraudulent transactions and block them based on the risk to avoid Chargeback.” continues Alessandro Labozzetta, ecommerce project manager of the company. “With Shopify Payments, we saved transaction costs and simplified the checkout process for customers.”

Using Shopify Scripts, the company created custom scripts for specific promotions, discounts, taxes, and shipping rules. From an automation point of view, Shopify Flow and Shopify Launchpad have proven to be crucial for managing flows and launching new products.

The results

The move to Shopify Plus led to a 102% increase in sales in the first quarter. Conversion rate increased by 44% compared to the quarter before the migration, and by 24% year over year (YoY).

Transactions on the site grew by 52%, and a 4x increase in checkout speed led to a substantial growth in mobile conversions. The use of Shopify Scripts resulted in an increase of 22% of the average order value. Griffe now has a real-time inventory of over 40,000 SKUs from 400 different brands.

Shopify Plus is a complete solution to address the challenges of any e-commerce businesses. It's a platform that grows with you, enabling advanced customization, high performance and reliable support.

  • Profumerie Griffe
  • Marcello Casella — Cofounder

With Shopify Plus, Profumerie Griffe saw results fast.


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