Omnichannel POS

Every channel. One system.

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A sales associate stands behind a retail counter using a POS tablet.

Omnichannel Retail

Sell everywhere to everyone

Create more ways to sell with online and social media channels and let customers shop the way they want.

A sales associate hands an in-store pickup order to a customer. Over the image, a Shopify POS screen displays paid and order pickup statuses.

Bring online shoppers into your store with pickup options that help drive foot traffice and revenue.

Convert sales in store by ordering online items for shoppers, and shipping to their home.

Email virtual carts to shoppers who prefer discovering products in store and buying online.

Omnichannel Experience

One and done

One back office keeps your online and in-store data connected, so every operation is streamlined and in sync.

A Shopify POS screen showcases a coffee pot and its inventory status in several locations.A Shopify POS screen shows an in-store pickup order with options to provide a receipt or process a return or exchange for items purchased.A Shopify POS screen displays a gift card purchase with the option to choose physical or digital cards and a specified amount.A Shopify POS screen highlights customer information: name, length of time as a customer, total orders, and total spend.

With Shopify, we can easily look up a customer’s previous orders and make our in-store service feel like a natural extension of what they experience online.


Gosia Piatek — Founder and Creative Director

Retail POS Features

It’s not just omnichannel retail. It’s everything retail.

Discover a suite of best-in-class features that will help take your retail business to the next level.

A store associate holds a POS tablet.

Payment processing

Accept today’s most popular payment methods at competitive rates.
Learn about payment processing

Staff management

Control staff permissions and approvals, track performance, and create unique IDs.
Learn about staff management

Plug-and-play hardware

Build a complete POS system that lets you sell behind the counter, on the floor, or at events.
Learn about hardware

Inventory management

Review inventory levels and manage stock in all your locations from one back office.

Customer management

Create customer profiles to track purchases and deliver personalized shopping experiences.

Reporting and analytics

Understand your business, from what items are bestsellers to when you’re busiest.

Shopify does POS. Best.

No one else offers a fully integrated POS backed by the world’s most powerful commerce platform.
A POS tablet is displayed on a countertop with a Shopify POS screen.

You’ve got this. We’ve got you.

Get help setting up and running your omnichannel retail business with dedicated point of sale specialists.

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Migration support through apps and partners

Resources for omnichannel retailers

Learn how business owners like you rely on omnichannel to unify their in-store and ecommerce channels.

Clothing in Kowtow's retail location hangs against the wall.

How Kowtow unified its online and offline channels and grew in-store sales by 30% with Shopify POS.

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A tokyobike sales associate helps a customer while holding a POS tablet.

tokyobike doubles its in-store pickup sales by switching from Lightspeed to Shopify POS.

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An associate at elph ceramics poses against the retail counter.

How elph ceramics unified its customer database and lifted retention rates to 30% with Shopify POS.

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