The POS app that unifies in-person and online

Get the point of sale application that’s as good at selling in person as it is online, available on both iOS and Android devices.

POS app.

More than a point of sale

The Shopify POS app has everything you need to make sales, track performance, and manage customers, orders, and inventory.

Card reader tap to pay.

Unified in-person & ecommerce sales

Instead of wasting time managing inventory for online and in-person sales, just use one back office. Shopify POS is designed to help you convert every sale and keep customers coming back.
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Compatible Hardware

Get the perfect POS setup, whether you sell at craft fairs, pop-ups, or have one or many retail stores. Shopify POS connects seamlessly with Shopify card readers and compatible hardware accessories.
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Integrated Payments

Shopify Payments comes with your account, all you need to do is turn it on. Control your cash flow and pay a flat rate for every payment type, starting at just 2.4% 0¢ USD.
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All the features you need in a POS app

Analyze business performance, keep track of inventory, process payments securely, and all the other features you need to tackle your to-do list.

POS app checkout.

Accept payments

Accept all popular payment methods, get low in-person rates for all cards, and keep track of your hard-earned money.

Make sales

Combine the power of in-person and online selling to make more sales with features like local pickup, email carts, and ship-to-customer.

Manage inventory

Create purchase orders, get low stock alerts, conduct inventory counts, and more.

A POS for every stage of your business

No matter where you are in your business’ journey, Shopify POS can support your growth.

POS app on iPhone.

Pop-ups and events

Accept contactless payments at farmer’s markets, pop ups, or events with just your iPhone. No extra hardware needed.

Countertop checkout

Equip your checkout counter with what you need to serve customers and accept payments: a tablet, POS software, and card reader.

Mobile checkout

A handheld POS terminal with a built-in barcode scanner, card reader, POS software, WiFi connectivity, and more.

Build your setup

Want a mix of countertop and mobile selling at your store? No problem. Create a POS hardware setup tailored to your needs.

Never miss a sale

Provide a seamless shopping experience with Shopify POS that allows customers to shop their way, online or in-store.

In store order pickup POS app.

Buy online

Email customers their favorite in-store items to purchase online later.

In-store pick up

Bring digital customers into your store for convenient pickup and upsell opportunities.

Ship to customer

With ship to customer, you can carry less stock and free up space in your store.

Return anywhere

Simplify returns for your customers by accepting returns from purchases made online.


Not just ecommerce.
All commerce.

Bring in-store and online sales together with the Shopify POS system.