How Filling Pieces Lifted Order Values 25% by Unifying its Sales Channels

How Filling Pieces Lifted Order Values by 25% By Unifying its Sales Channels

Founded in 2009 by Guillame Chin, a nineteen year old architecture student and sneakerhead, Filling Pieces is not your average fashion brand. Identifying a gap in the market between everyday sneakers and luxury wear, Filling Pieces is a retail success storyand it also regularly hosts events, collaborations, and pop-up stores.

Today Filling Pieces has a community of customers around the globe while maintaining a strong focus on the Netherlands and its flagship stores in Amsterdam. The brand sells worldwide through wholesale partnerships with 250 stores, and direct to customers both online and in-person with Shopify. 

Using Shopify POS to unify its sales channels, Filling Pieces has enjoyed:

  • 25% increase in average order value
  • Reduced staff onboarding times by 90% 
  • Efficient inventory management with fewer human errors
  • Selling in-store and at expos in 4 currencies across 3 continents

Challenge: Slow checkout across stores and pop-ups 

Filling Pieces was experiencing major growth as a brand, gaining popularity and media attention for its unique ecommerce offering. It was important to the brand to be able to offer an in-person experience for its community and host events. 

The brand started running pop-ups across the globe and opened its flagship store in Amsterdam, but was struggling to find the right hardware for its sales online and in-person. A manual and time consuming process was required to put through sales at any pop-ups and at its store. In 2018 the brand started using Shopify POS. 

Checkout used to be a very manual process and took up a lot of time. Since using Shopify POS and Shopify Payments, completing sales and returns is super easy. It saves us a lot of time and improves the experience for our customers and staff.

Paulinho Chin, Ecommerce Director, Filling Pieces

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Solution: One platform to manage sales and customers

Shopify POS helped Filling Pieces create a seamless shopping experience for its customers. Whether customers shop online, in-store, or at a pop-up, their order history is stored in their customer profile, which helps improve the brand’s retention marketing and customer service. 

The brand’s store in Amsterdam also has a pop-up space which hosts brand takeovers and collaborations focused on promoting and selling complimentary brands’ products. Rather than manually add products onto the POS, it simply imports them and is ready to sell in minutes. 

It's important for us to offer customers a sales process that doesn’t need checkout counters—our checkout is mobile and flexible. For pop-ups and events, we just bring our iPad and card readers and start selling.

Paulinho Chin, Ecommerce Director, Filling Pieces

Results: Better customer experiences and smoother store operations 

With Shopify, Filling Pieces' seamless online and in-person shopping experience works for both its customers and its own operations. Average order values have grown 25% and staff perform fewer manual tasks, freeing up more time to focus on growth.

The brand also uses Shopify POS to manage its inventory, along with apps like Gorgias to improve its customer service. With fifty employees and counting, the onboarding process for new recruits has also been simplified, taking roughly 9X less time to train staff on how to use their POS system.

With a growing team, it is great to be able to onboard new staff members very quickly. The checkout process is intuitive—they watch a video of how the Shopify POS app works and they’re often good to go.

Paulinho Chin, Ecommerce Director, Filling Pieces 

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