The Sheet Society Dreamed of Increasing Their Sales and Shopify was the Perfect Fit

The Sheet Society owner

The Challenge

The Sheet Society started as a purely online business with a loyal following powered by Shopify. But when a prime location opened up in Abbotsford, Melbourne, the timing was right for the business to leap into bed with physical retailing with a view to expansion. To achieve a unified customer experience on every shopping channel, The Sheet Society turned to Shopify POS.

The Results

Linking Shopify and Shopify POS across online, its physical location and pop-ups has been seamless. Now, the bedding retailer has a 24% return customer rate, and a conversion rate of 2.4%, thanks in part to a unified online and offline shopping experience.

The Sheet Society was dreamt up by Hayley and Andy Worley in 2017, after they thought industry innovation had stalled. They realised a bed is the main feature of any bedroom and needs a suitable wardrobe to make it a happy place.

The Sheet Society using Shopify POS

The business offers a number of innovations to what was a sleepy industry, including its Bed Builder, an augmented-reality tool to allow customers to see how a chosen combination looks on their bed using their iPhones. 

In store, The Sheet Society offers take home fabric switches, pre-booked bed styling appointments, and will make up a bed in store with a customer’s chosen combination. One customer even brought in their actual bed head!

Since the Sheet Society already used Shopify for its online store, the choice to use Shopify POS to power its physical stores was easy. They looked to Shopify POS to increase their sales, speed up delivery times with click-and-collect, and create a unified feel for customers both in-store and online. 

We chose Shopify POS because of the unified customer experience it offers. All the data we need on our customers, sales, inventory, and staff is right there. Now, we have a unified database that shares important context on our customers' preferences and inventory availability across all store locations, which helps us serve them better. 

Hayley Worley, Founder of The Sheet Society

In bed with Shopify

After two years of successful online retailing, the timing was right to branch into physical retail. Customers wanted to see and feel the product, and know how the styling would work on their beds before purchase.

In 2019, The Sheet Society moved into a warehouse space and renovated it, implementing Shopify POS to take payments and fulfill click-and-collect orders. 

Success was instant. There was a line around the block on opening day. Since then, The Sheet Society recently opened a pop-up in Chadstone in Melbourne, and has plans to open pop ups in other cities such as Sydney. As Hayley & Andy continue to expand their business, they will lean on Shopify POS to ensure they continue to offer a unified experience to their customers. 

Waking up to success

The success of the physical stores has actually boosted online sales. Now, the Sheet Society has a 50% in-store conversion rate, a 24% return customer rate, and an online conversion rate of 2.4%.

The Sheet Society employees

The Sheet Society can also send carts in POS when a customer visits the store and is considering a new look for their bed, but wants a style that will complement their existing linen. By preloading the consumers’ personalized shopping cart and sending it over email, the customer can review their selected products at home, before making a purchase. 

If shoppers want to see how a style of linen compliments their existing bed, store staff preload a shopping cart in Shopify POS with the items they're interested in and send it to them by email. Shoppers can review their selected products at home before making the purchase online, and our store is credited as the point of purchase.

Hayley Worley, Founder, The Sheet Society

Other benefits include the ability to do clienteling thanks to a shared customer history, and shared inventory across sites. With ship-to-customer, in-store pickup, and harmonized discounting codes now being used, The Sheet Society is waking up to success.

Using Shopify gives us trust and peace of mind that everything just works. Turning on Shopify POS was done in a few clicks. Now, we offer click-and-collect across multiple locations, have a unified customer database, and more effective returns management. 

Hayley Worley, Founder of The Sheet Society 

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