How to Be a Boss: 19 Tips from Schitt’s Creek

Photo collage of the cast of Schitts Creek, from left to right, Moira Rose, David Rose, Johnny Rose and Alexis Rose
So you wanna be a boss. Netflix and chill will yourself to get off the couch already. How to Be a Boss (According to Your Favorite Shows) is your excuse to binge all the TV you want. It’s career inspiration, right? As for me, chain-watching teen dramas now qualifies as research to bring you this informative series. We all win.

This isn’t New York—it’s Schitt’s Creek. Here, no one cares that your pants cost more than the mayor’s truck, and until you start investing in your inner self, you’re not going to get ahead in life. This is a lesson learned the hard way by every member of the once super wealthy Rose family. Though they’re now marooned in a rural town—their only real asset aside from Moira’s library of wigs—the Roses are doing their best to become bosses of their significantly smaller domain.

Whether it’s love or glory or owning a Galapagonian tortoiseshell footbath, everyone’s definition of success is different. And getting there takes a little sweat equity and a lot of eye cream. Working their way up from rock bottom taught each of the Roses about their strengths—and their weaknesses (like maybe don’t try to build a cedar box for your cashmere sweaters if you’ve never used a hammer).

You can take all of the 1991 M’Lady Magazine quizzes you want, but the real insights are here in Schitt’s Creek. Learn how to claw your way (back) to boss status, according to the Roses.

1. Take risks. You won’t know that flying to Bosnia to revive your career is a bad idea until you try.
Moira rose, dressed as a bird and holding a script, speaks to a man in the foreground.
2. Pick clothes that make you look confident, whether it’s a power suit or the sexy Halloween costume from your freshman year at college.
Alexis Rose, wearing a pink lacy nightgown, holds a red plastic cup and a wine bottle.
3. You have to spend money to make money, even if no one around you would recognize luxury if it slapped them.
David Rose stands in his apothecary in front of a table with products, holding a jar, a paper, and a pen.
4. Choose a partner whose strengths complement (and harmonize with) your own.
David Rose and Tammy sing karaoke into microphones. A green and red party light sits in the foreground of the darkened room.
5. A spectacular public breakdown is great catharsis. Try it some time.
Jocelyn Schitt looks distressed while holding up a hand to Moira Rose as both women talk outside next to a road.
6. Work with pros—especially if you’ve never cleaned a sink, let alone installed one.
David Rose, Patrick, and Ronnie stand in the middle of a store currently undergoing renovations. A sink sits atop construction rubble in the foreground.
7. On your road to boss-dom, you might get some bad news, but ew, stop looking like a disgruntled penguin.
Close-up of Alexis and David Rose sitting at a booth at Cafe Tropical.
8. Try out new career paths (like, say, being a receptionist for your vet BF).
Alexis Rose stands in a hotel room looking off camera and holding a box of chocolates with a red bow.
9. Be a mentor to others (especially if you missed the chance with your own hopeless children).
Moira Rose, wearing an intricate black dress, reaches out both arms to someone off camera.
10. Say yes to every opportunity, no matter how out of character.
David and Johnny Rose stand outside in front of a motel wearing baseball uniforms and gloves. David’s shirt says “Cafe Tropical” and Johnny’s says “Bob’s Garage. Fixin’ Cars Since 1943.”
11. Like, really go for it.
Patrick and David Rose stand in the outfield at a baseball game reaching for an incoming ball. David’s eyes are closed, and Patrick is about to catch the ball. Both men’s shirts say “Cafe Tropical.”
12. Hire a PR pro. Being held hostage on a celebrity’s yacht (even if it was, like, just that one time) isn’t great for your public image.
Alexis Rose holds one hand in a peace sign and uses the other to take a selfie using her mobile phone.
13. When you’re just getting started, use any free resources at your disposal—say, “office space” in the local garage.
Johnny Rose stands outside in front of Bob’s Garage speaking to Bob and Ronnie, who both sit on lawn chairs. Johnny is wearing a suit and holding cue cards.
14. Remember: you can’t rely on anyone but yourself (including your mom, who might totally drive by without giving you a ride.)
David Rose stands on a sidewalk leaning over to speak to his mother Moira, who is driving an older model vehicle.
15. Lean into what you know. But instead of working at a motel, own that motel.
Stevie Budd and Roland Schitt sit at a booth at Cafe Tropical eating breakfast, coffee, and a pink smoothie.
16. Protect your assets. You never know when you might lose everything.
Moira Rose wears a curly black wig and stands in front of her “wig wall” in her motel room.
17. Learn from your mistakes, like plugging in the hair dryer with wet hands (twice).
Alexis Rose lies in bed in her motel room typing on her phone and looking off camera.
18. Know when to pass the torch. You may have played Liesl Von Trapp once, but darling, you’re not 50 anymore.
Moira Rose holds Stevie Budd’s face in the dressing room of the theater. Stevie is wearing a Cabaret costume and wig.
19. And, in the middle of your glow up, never forget the struggles that got you here. (Like that time you drove your car through a Rodeo Drive store window.)
Alexis Rose and Ted Mullens sit closely on a couch looking at each other.
Feature image by Niall McClelland

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