Shopify’s Newest Feature Helps Retailers Track Inventory Across Multiple Locations

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As your retail business scales, managing inventory across multiple locations can be difficult. Whether you have inventory at your storefront, pop-up shop, or a warehouse, keeping accurate counts across all the places you have inventory is a tricky (and sometimes tedious) task.

Shopify's newest feature, which starts rolling out to merchants today, helps you update and track inventory quantities across your locations. Appropriately called Locations, it makes tracking your products and fulfilling orders much easier.

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Locations Offers More Visibility Into Inventory Across Your Retail Business

With Locations, you can track inventory quantities across all your locations right from Shopify — whether those are storefronts, warehouses, pop-ups, basements full of boxes, or an app that fulfills orders on your behalf. You can add, update, and get an overview of all your inventory at each location.

Update your inventory across all your locations in bulk or product by product — whatever suits your needs. You can use the bulk editor tool, inventory list, CSV file, or product page. 

Locations bulk editor | Shopify Retail blog

A Smarter Way to Track Inventory Across All Your Locations

Locations on Shopify mobile app | Shopify Retail blogLocations makes it simple to sell products, fulfill orders, make sales, and stock inventory at all the places you store your products. Having a transparent view of where all your inventory is located helps you run your business more efficiently — from preventing best-selling products going out of stock to offering a better customer experience. And it’s easy to track inventory and fulfill orders from your Shopify store or the mobile app.

Locations offers even more functionality to run your business better, including:

  • Separate inventory for online orders: Locations makes it easy to separate and reserve inventory for online orders and offline sales. This ensures you always have the right products on hand to fulfill online orders.
  • Better customer service: When your employees know exactly which products are at any given location, they can provide standout customer experiences.
  • Easier order fulfillment: Locations gives you more control over how you fulfill your orders. It’s simple to manage which locations fulfill online orders versus which locations only sell in-person.
  • Flexible order fulfillment: Prioritize which locations fulfill orders based on a simple algorithm and easily change which location fulfills an order. If you don’t have all the items at one location to fulfill an entire order, it can be split up into different shipments and fulfilled from multiple places.
  • Fewer workarounds: Manage your inventory all in one place — no more complicated workarounds or spreadsheets. Track inventory accurately, all from Shopify.

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Get the Most From Locations

Locations works best for retailers with up to eight locations on the Shopify Advanced plan, and for those who don’t currently have an existing inventory management solution.

Apps can also help you maximize the potential of Locations and enhance your customers’ experience. Some of our favorites include:

  • Zapiet: Offer in-store pickup for customers who prefer to get their purchases in-person.
  • Stocky: Use Stocky to transfer inventory from one location to another when you’re running low. Stocky can also help you calculate and track your cost of goods sold.
  • Rewardify: Give store credit to customers at all your retail locations.
  • Ultimate Special Offers: Run promotions and provide discounts across all your locations, including automatic discounts and volume discounts.

If you’re a Shopify partner or App Developer, read our guide to migrate your apps for Locations.

Getting Started With Locations for Shopify

We know that inventory management is a complex problem that only gets more complicated as you grow. But Shopify is working hard to make inventory and order management simpler for you.

Spending less time managing your inventory across locations means you can focus on what’s important — building customer relationships and engaging them in ways that will ultimately lead to more sales.

Read the Locations Setup Guide