Meet the New Residents of the Shopify Partner Accelerator

Shopify Partner Accelerator: 2016

The Shopify Partner Accelerator is officially live (and we’re REALLY excited about it)!

We’ve rented offices in four major cities from WeWork — a global platform that provides workspaces, services, and benefits — and filled them with 17 bright-eyed creatives.

The goal? Create an environment where ecommerce freelancers and entrepreneurs can flourish—find their first client, make their first hire, build their first empire.

To accomplish this, we’ve jam packed their schedules with mentoring and workshop opportunities, and have given each office exclusive access to Shopify leadership and ecommerce experts. It’s an opportunity to learn more, strengthen their services, and fuel their respective careers to the next level.

Without further ado, meet the Shopify Partner Accelerator residents.

Ilan Gitter

Theme and app development

Accelerator: Gitter

Office: New York City
What I'm working on: I am creating an app to help store owners increase their conversion rate.
Why I'm excited: I am extremely honored and thankful for this opportunity. I am hoping to finish the Accelerator with a Shopify app in beta testing. I am excited because I have always wanted to create an app for Shopify and am now in the position to devote real attention to it.

Manika Boora

Web design and ecommerce marketing solutions

Accelerator: Boora

Office: New York City
What I'm working on: I am setting up a number of dropshipping model web stores, and I am working on a series of informational posts about Shopify and dropshipping.
Why I'm excited: I am hoping to meet other like-minded individuals/companies that have lots of experience; it will be nice to learn from others.

Greg Wilson

Web design and development

Accelerator: Wilson

Office: New York City
What I'm working on: I’m going to focus on adding to the accessibility offerings on the Shopify platform during the three-month accelerator. My ultimate goal is to create a fully compliant WCAG 2.0 Level AA theme, but along the way I’ll also look at some apps that will increase the accessibility of existing themes and produce resources to help the community wrap their heads around why and how to have a more accessible website.
Why I'm excited: I’ll be able to connect with the right people and create the right products/resources that will help designers, developers, and the greater Shopify community create their own online experiences that are perceivable, operable, and understandable to as many people as possible.

Nihar Kulkarni

Mobile app and web design

Office: New York City
What I'm working on: We are in the process of onboarding seven new Shopify stores, along with working on an application that will change the game for beauty/fashion/retail brands. We are also hoping to combine the best of the best enhancements we have done across all of our Shopify stores and create a theme that offers them all seamless GUI admin experiences.
Why I'm excited: I look forward to a collaborative experience where I can delve into the Shopify platform by interacting with designers, developers, strategists, and Shopify staff members. I welcome the opportunity to share my own knowledge and experience to help fellow members’ development issues, and vice versa.  

Deni Guerrera

Ecommerce solutions

Office: Montreal
What I'm working on: WebBotz (my design agency) will be looking to bring some of its existing clients onto the Shopify platform.  One of which is a local Montreal artist who has grown her online presence, and would now like to offer online shopping.  
Why I'm excited: We are looking to fully understand the Shopify platform, and all of it's offerings.  We’re looking for support from Shopify in how they see the best-practices for ecommerce and future growth.  Also, we'd like to evaluate how we can bring the best solutions to our future clients and ultimately, we'd also like to become Shopify Experts!

Elyes Ben Mrad

Transactional app development and marketing solutions

Accelerator: Elyes

Office: Montreal
What I'm working on: Integrating Shopify POS to Crema. We are creating an app for the Shopify marketplace.
Why I'm excited: A strong relationship with Shopify will help us grow. We want to become the official Shopify POS partner for coffee shops.

Raff Paquin

Web development

Accelerator: Raff

Office: Montreal
What I'm working on: Return Magic! Our app for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants.
Why I'm excited: As entrepreneurs, I think we need to learn every day. This program is a unique opportunity to meet other app developers and exchange with them; to be in contact and learn from people in other countries, from other industries or with a different background. Learn together, and celebrate together!

Marek Zaluski

Technology consultant and CTO-on-demand

Accelerator: Marek

Office: Montreal
What I'm working on: I'm working with One Tree Planted, a reforestation non-profit which plants one tree for each dollar that you donate. We're building an app for stores to allow their customers to add a donation to their order at checkout, which will be used to plant trees. In parallel to that, I'll be releasing a set of open-source software modules to help make it easier for programmers to build Shopify apps and use the API.
Why I'm excited: Connecting with other Partners and Experts is a huge boost. I'm looking forward to seeing what others in the Accelerator are working on, and finding ways to collaborate and build amazing things.

Dan Wiseman

Web design and digital marketing services

Accelerator: Dan

Office: London
What I'm working on: Alongside the work I do for my business, I keep close ties with University of Exeter. I try and support student entrepreneurs, as it is the path that I took myself. Therefore, one of the things I am trying to organize is my own accelerator program to take back to Devon, and deliver to interested students.
Why I'm excited: I am particularly excited to make more connections with like-minded businesses and startups in London. Being based in the South West, it’s nice to come back to a big city, meet new faces, and hear about new ideas!

Janine Eleini

Branding and store setup

Accelerator: Janine

Office: London
What I'm working on: My goal is to build a theme. It'll be a challenge, as it needs to look great whatever content is thrown at it, so we'll see how it goes!
Why I'm excited: Being recruited for this program is an incredible opportunity. I'm looking forward to getting to know my fellow Shopify Partners, and learning as much as I can from the leadership team.

Jeremy Rieunier

Growth marketing

Accelerator: Jeremy

Office: London
What I'm working on: Launching a Shopify store from scratch with a friend of mine in the UK.
Why I'm excited: I’m looking forward to improving my skills, sharing my knowledge, and collaborating on Shopify projects with like-minded people. Oh, and coming back to London is really exciting, too.

Lisa Leah Barrett

Branding, app and theme development

Accelerator: Lisa Leah

Office: London
What I'm working on: During my time in the Accelerator I will be working on creating a Shopify theme, which will be the first in a collection for my new exciting startup, and I will also be setting up my new portfolio website, which will include an interesting blog.
Why I'm excited: I hope to gain a lot of Shopify knowledge to help me build amazing apps and themes, and to offer my future clients the best design and support services possible. I also hope to meet and network with some amazing people, document my experience, and enjoy the time and free space to create Shopify magic for my startup.

Caren Garcia

Web development

Accelerator: Garcia

Office: Austin
What I'm working on: I'm documenting my experience working with the Shopify API and tools, and presenting my overall experience at the end of the Accelerator.
Why I'm excited: I'll definitely enjoy learning how to use Shopify, Liquid, and apps while working out of WeWork! I'm really excited to see what other opportunities will arise when I finalize my project.

Cameron Shaw

Conversion rate optimization

Accelerator: Shaw

Office: Austin
What I'm working on: I plan to write an extremely lightweight, flexible, natively responsive Shopify theme utilizing and illustrating the newest Liquid features and structure. I'm interested in using JS to further blur the line between websites and web apps.
Why I'm excited: I'd like to work closely with the Shopify team, to leverage their expertise for my project and client projects, and to gain a deeper understanding of the platform and the vision for its future direction.

Elisabeth Webster

Web design, product photography, and email marketing

Accelerator: Webster

Office: Austin
What I'm working on: I'm building an online jewelry store for a prominent retailer in Washington, D.C.
Why I'm excited: A new skillset, knowledge of a new platform, hopefully some valuable time with mentors and other entrepreneurs with insights on my project, and the office at WeWork University Park in Austin is pretty fabulous too.

Erik Silver

Web development

Accelerator: Silver

Office: Austin
What I'm working on: Shopify theme setup, custom theme development, front-end development, and advanced Analytics (Google/ Facebook) for American Heirloom.
Why I'm excited: I’m really excited to connect with others in the Shopify ecosystem in Austin, and beyond. I’m always eager to learn, and would be thrilled to work with mentors and learn from their knowledge and experience! This type of networking and mentoring will help me learn more about my craft, and Shopify, and ultimately provide better service to my clients.

Sterling Smith

Mobile app development

Accelerator: Sterling

Office: Austin
What I'm working on: I’m working with my company Sandbox Commerce to create a new version of our platform that will launch completely native apps (built with React Native), into both iOS and Android app stores, for retailers who build apps on our platform.
Why I'm excited: I’m excited because Shopify is my favorite ecommerce CMS. This program will allow my company to build a deeper relationship with the amazing ecommerce community Shopify has created across its retailers and partners. I’m also excited to work with the other amazing partners to boost their offerings.

Stay tuned for more details about the Accelerator

Over the coming weeks, we’ll regularly share updates about our Accelerator residents on our blog and via Twitter.

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