[Free Industry Report] The Future of the Fashion and Apparel Industry

The Future of the Fashion and Apparel Industry

Your clients trust you with their ecommerce future.

It’s why they sought your design or development expertise.

Ready to help them even more by painting a picture of the future of commerce? One they can’t find anywhere else?

Our new Shopify Plus Industry Reports offer your clients and prospects a behind-the-scenes look at the future of ecommerce, as well as the trajectory, trends, and technology that will shape their vertical in the second half of the decade, and beyond.

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Introducing the first Shopify Plus Industry Report

Tomorrow’s technologies are on the verge of colliding.

Significant shifts in consumer preference, behavior, and geographic centers of affluence will influence how those technologies are used for commerce.

What will that look like for your clients and prospects?

Inside the first Industry Report is insight and imagination for the future of:

  • Fashion and apparel
  • Cosmetics
  • Jewelry
  • Luxury goods

The report is thoughtful, beautifully designed, and structured in a way that allows even the busiest person to quickly learn:

  • The growth, geographic, and demographic trajectories impacting their vertical.
  • The trends influencing their vertical and creating new risks and opportunities.
  • The technologies that are likely to intersect and reshape the way commerce is conducted in the second half of the decade and beyond.

For example, the report will help you position clients doing business in the cosmetics industry for a future like this:

The Future of the Fashion and Apparel Industry: Positioning Clients

Similarly, the report will help you better prepare clients in the jewelry industry for a future in which next generation wearables, 3D Printing, and virtual reality collide:

The Future of the Fashion and Apparel Industry: VR and 3D Printing

Besides the value you provide clients every day, our Industry Report will allow you to offer forward looking insight, like:

  • On demand, one-touch commerce powered by AI, and occurring in virtual or augmented reality will require merchants to accept payment seamlessly and across the globe.
  • Next generation wearables, and flexible skin-like cosmetics printed at home that act as quasi-medical devices and monitor health will require merchants to responsibly protect and handle all this new data, in ways that aren’t abusive or invasive.
  • AI powered virtual assistants combined with powerful new advances in segmentation, will require merchants to offer ultra-personalized customer experiences in real time.

How to use Industry Reports

Use our Industry Reports to make yourself even more valuable to your existing clients or prospects, who might be deciding whether to partner with you for the long term.

The industry snapshots, shifts in consumer behavior, and emerging technologies briefly illustrated in the report, have been included to provide your clients with actionable insight they can use to make data-informed decisions that powerfully differentiate their brand. Help them intelligently chart a strategic course for their future:

  • Pass it along to prospects within proposals or as part of your pitching process as a way to demonstrate your dedication, even prior to them signing on the dotted line.Accelerate their decision to convert and become your client
  • Offer it to existing clients as a value-add that positions your agency as more than simply a design and development partner, but as a strategic adviser, with eyes on the future and their success.

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