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Who are we?

We are creatively driven—and all our work is informed by our culture of collaboration. Our global network spans 18 countries, with 2000 employees representing over 20 nationalities. R/GA is Connected by Design, We help clients innovate by combining creativity with the power of disruptive technology.

There’s no program like ours in the industry. We’ve helped launch over 50 companies and given them what it takes to succeed in crowded markets. And we’re launching more with our partners like Verizon, Snapchat and the L.A. Dodgers.

We transform businesses and help our clients outpace digital disruption—by designing new business models and enhancing existing ones.

Products + Services
We design and implement innovative products and services that exist at the center of consumers’ lives.

We create campaigns from the ground up that are designed to be shared and resonate in our connected culture.

Our in-house Studios combine content creation and prototyping, allowing us to make and innovate unlike any production house.

Connected Spaces
By integrating architecture, design and technology we are pioneering the connection between physical space and the digital landscape.

Our IP provides clients access to many of the innovative software, products and services we created to solve the challenges of the connected age.

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