Shopify vs. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Only one platform is the leader in conversion

If you’re not selling on a platform dedicated to commerce, you’re getting second best. Switch to Shopify Plus for non-stop innovation, up to 36% higher conversion, and a commerce partner for life.

There’s a reason brands are leaving Salesforce Commerce Cloud. What’s keeping you?

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#1 commerce platform

Commerce-first, brand-obsessed

Your best brand starts with a fully invested commerce partner that puts relationships before contracts. Unlike other platforms, Shopify is 100% invested in making commerce products that solve your challenges today and accelerate your growth going forward. It’s time to put your business first. We do.

Endless innovation

Move out of maintenance to growth with Shopify Plus, the only company obsessed with redefining the ways we shop, sell, and do business.

Product development

Take advantage of a strong track record that boasts over 100 product releases twice a year, with a clear roadmap for the future.

Powerhouse agility

Experience the powerful platform behind millions of brands, including Shop Pay, the best converting checkout on the internet.

Always be innovating

Innovation starts with migration

Current platform roadmap a dead end? Stop going nowhere and move forward with Shopify Plus, the only company as obsessed with your growth as you. We put commerce—and you—first with every product.

Move from maintenance mode to growth mode

Focused on making commerce better with every Shopify product
Higher overall conversion rate than Commerce Cloud
Total U.S. ecommerce market share for Shopify, second only to Amazon

Fast-paced product development

A roadmap that’s going places

Buyer trends change as fast as the tech that powers them. The only way to keep your business competitive is with a platform that puts their money behind their product. That means a strong, clear roadmap with ongoing product releases and iteration.

No other commerce company matches Shopify’s rate of development, and we’re not done yet.

  • Over 100 features released twice a year since 2021
  • First to market with social partnerships and integrations
  • 2X faster site speed after our newly expanded global infrastructure
  • Purpose-built expansion products like B2B, Markets, and Shopify Audiences

Powerhouse agility

Lightweight is the new heavyweight

How many of your resources are going toward managing clunky, outdated tech? It’s only slowing you down and keeping your dev and design teams from creating beautiful, immersive digital experiences. Experience the freedom of creative experimentation, and leave the back-end tech to us.

  • Make changes to your online store and checkout in minutes, without coding support
  • Move fast and add integrations as they ship, without large deployment teams, long timelines, or complex infrastructure
  • Expand platform capabilities to meet your exact needs with dev-friendly tools like robust REST, GraphQL APIs, and Shopify Plus Certified Apps

Reasons to move

Migrations shouldn't be annual events

Let’s make this one and done. When you switch to Shopify Plus, we’ll support you every step of the way so you can start selling quickly and get back your ROI in months. And know that you’ll always be on the latest software version, with automatic updates, security, and maintenance built right in. Never migrate or upgrade again when you’re on a platform that scales with you.

Services and support

Get the guidance and services your business needs to continue scaling.

Speed to market

Launch fast with dedicated support, planning, and resources.

Lower cost, higher return

Watch your investment pay for itself with lower maintenance and higher conversion.

Speed to market

Launch on time and on budget

Speed is our superpower. An intuitive back end makes it possible to be selling with Shopify Plus in a matter of months for standard setups. Launch fast and then stay fast in every area: initial setup, first-in-market social integrations and channels, Shopify APIs and SDKs, and theme customizations. 

SlamJam had 50% lower setup and running costs compared to Salesforce.

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Services and support

Invested in your success story

You’re not a number—you’re the next big success story. With Shopify Plus, get the priority support and commerce strategy you expect, including services to guide your migration, launch, and ongoing strategy and success.

  • 24/7 global priority technical support
  • World’s largest ecosystem of commerce apps and partners ready to develop custom solutions
  • Award-winning Shopify Plus Certified Apps and Partners
  • Dedicated launch engineers, solutions engineers, and migration tools to support your move
  • A team of merchant success managers and online resources to accelerate your growth

Lower cost, higher return

Value like this is priceless

Cut the tech debt, hidden fees, and excessive dev costs from your budget once and for all. When you make the switch, your investment will pay for itself with lower maintenance costs and higher conversion rates. 

Shopify Plus is better for your business, bottom line.

Discover the best-converting checkout in the world


What people are asking

Salesforce Commerce Cloud licensing is priced according to the anticipated gross merchandise value (GMV) of the client. If your business exceeds those expectations, you must pay additional licensing. If you fall short of those expectations, you must still pay for the unused balance.

Other costs include implementation and ongoing maintenance. Total cost for the solution will range widely depending on the size and complexity of your business and its commerce requirements.

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If your platform isn’t moving, you should. Make the switch to Shopify Plus.

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