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Alternative Brewing increased site speed and boosted average order value by 15%

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Alternative Brewing started with humble beginnings, its only product was once an AeroPress coffee maker. But seven years into the business, now with a wide catalogue including home coffee machines and cold brew systems, the company had a problem. Its ecommerce platform was in constant development and maintenance, causing more worry than celebration during times like Black Friday Cyber Monday when fingers were crossed that an influx of traffic wouldn’t crash the site.

Within four months of migrating to Shopify Plus, thanks to a new site that is faster to load and faster to check out, Alternative Brewing enjoyed a significant boost in its average order value. With its coding requirements suddenly eased, the company is freed to focus on business development, able now to make more informed, faster, and accurate decisions thanks to deeper access today to its customer data.

With Shopify Plus, Alternative Brewing saw results fast.

  • 15% increase in average order value
  • Faster, more responsive website page loads
  • Improved and refined audience segmentation

By being an easy-to-use ecommerce platform, Shopify Plus takes the stress off retailers by maintaining an efficient and seamless environment. It allows you to focus on building your brand, building your customer base, improving your messaging, and things that are actually going to drive your bottom line.

Alternative Brewing

Sam Bjelke-Petersen — Co-Founder


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