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Filling Pieces used Shopify POS to create an omnichannel experience for customers

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Founded in 2009 by Guillaume Philibert Chin, a 19 year old sneakerhead with a passion for design and entrepreneurship, Filling Pieces is a leading contemporary fashion brand which also hosts events, collaborations, workshops, and pop-ups.

The brand was experiencing major growth, gaining popularity and media attention, which meant its site would regularly see high volumes of traffic. During a 48 hour sale, Filling Pieces found itself with up to 10K visitors on the site simultaneously—only to have its site crash. The brand made the decision to migrate to Shopify Plus and started using Shopify POS for its in-store and pop-up events, creating a smooth omnichannel experience for its global customers.

For us, Shopify is the only true omnichannel solution. It allows our customers to buy both online and in-store with a consistent experience. It enables flexibility and efficiency across our channels—whether it is online, in-store or at a pop-up event. We also don’t have to worry about downtime or site crashes.

Filling Pieces

Paulinho Chin — Ecommerce Director


Fashion and Apparel

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Replatforming and Upgrades, Multi-channel and Omnichannel, Retail and POS

Med Shopify såg Filling Pieces snabba resultat.


Faster to onboard and train staff on POS


Downtime or site crashes since migrating


Increase in AOV since using POS

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