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Giesswein transformed from a wholesale legacy business to sell direct-to-consumer in months

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When the family-run legacy shoe brand was passed down to its next generation, a decision was made to transform the business and sell direct-to-consumer (D2C). Giesswein set up its first site on Adobe Commerce but became frustrated by the inability to experiment and make changes quickly.

In 2018 the brand migrated to Shopify Plus with the help of Shopify Plus Solutions Partner Eshop Guide and has seen significant year-on-year growth since the move. Giesswein now has five international shops with Shopify Plus including the U.K. and E.U. and has been able to invest in growing the business, instead of spending on site maintenance.

Shopify is the ultimate platform to grow our business at lightning speed. The ease of use and the potential for scale are magnificent as we do not need to spend as much time on technical operations.


Markus Giesswein — CEO


Fashion and Apparel


Eshop Guide

Tidigare plattform

Adobe Commerce


Growth and Scale, Replatforming and Upgrades

Med Shopify såg Giesswein snabba resultat.


Downtime during peak sales periods since migrating


Increase in average yearly sales since migrating


Stores in 12 languages and 8 currencies

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