POS Staff Management

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A sales associate greets a customer while holding a POS tablet. On top of the image is a screen with the associate’s name, title, and POS access.

Any business. Any size.

A couple stands outside in front of their store.

Single store

Give staff the POS access they need for their role and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive store data.

An exterior image of a store, Parachute, that showcases the inside from the street.


Scale your business with the flexibility and security to manage growing teams across multiple locations.

Staff Permissions

Give the right access to the right staff

Manage what your staff can do, review, or edit in your POS, and get peace of mind even when you’re not there.

An image displays a list of sales associates and trainees, along with what type of POS access they have been granted.An image displays the names of sales associates and their POS access permissions as denied, allowed, and approval required for various tasks.An image displays a store manager's POS access allowed for approvals and orders.An image displays two employees in training and their POS access requiring manager approvals for all tasks.

Staff Performance

Go beyond the numbers

Get insights into staff actions to improve sales and employee engagement.

Two staff members stand at a retail counter with a Shopify POS setup in front of them.

Boost sales and productivity

Identify your top sellers and schedule them during peak periods to optimize sales, or put their skills to work mentoring team members who need extra support.

Empower your team

Recognize staff when they hit sales goals or reach new milestones. Celebrate the team’s impact on your business and keep turnover low with engaged employees.

POS Features

Get the best with Shopify POS

Discover a suite of top-rated features that help you manage your business.

Payment processing

Accept today’s most popular payment methods at competitive rates.
Learn about payment processing

Omnichannel selling

Use one back office to sell in person, online, on social media, and marketplaces.
Learn about omnichannel selling

Plug-and-play hardware

Build a complete POS system that lets you sell behind the counter, on the floor, or at events.
Learn about hardware

Inventory management

Review inventory levels and manage stock in all your locations from one back office.

Customer management

Create customer profiles to track purchases and deliver personalized shopping experiences.

Reporting and analytics

Understand your business, from what items are bestsellers to when you’re busiest.

Shopify does POS best

No one else offers a fully integrated POS backed by the world’s most powerful commerce platform.
A POS tablet is displayed on a countertop with a Shopify POS screen.

You’ve got this. We’ve got you.

Get help setting up staff roles and permissions with dedicated point of sale specialists.

24/7 support through email, phone, and chat
Free guides through The Shopify Help Center
Migration support through apps and partners

Resources for retailers

Access free guides and learn how to manage your staff with Shopify POS.

A staff member packs boxes while sitting at a counter.

Hire the right employees

Know what skills to look for when hiring retail employees and set your business up for success.

Learn the skills
A sales associate assists a customer at a counter in front of a POS tablet.

Handle staffing challenges

Avoid being short staffed and learn what you can do to lower its impact on your bottom line.

Get tips and insights
A sales associate is on the sales floor holding a POS tablet.

Manage your growing team

Assign the proper permissions to your staff as growing responsibilities become more complex.

Learn how

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