Magento vs. Wix vs. Shopify

Magento or Wix or Shopify?

Shopify provides unlimited storage, international support in 21 languages, and offers over 6,000 commerce apps.

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Why choose Shopify over Magento and Wix

Feature comparison table between Magento, Wix, and Shopify

Key features




Free trial Yes Yes Yes
24/7 support No Yes Yes
Sell online and in-store No Yes Yes
Business capital No No Yes
Custom domain No Yes Yes
SEO features Yes Yes Yes
Hosting No Yes Yes
Sell worldwide Yes Yes Yes
Multi-currency support Yes Yes Yes
Mobile-friendly Yes Yes Yes
Fraud protection No Yes Yes
Integrated checkout Yes Yes Yes
Integrated fulfillment network No No Yes
Email marketing tools No Yes Yes
App Store Yes Yes Yes
Mobile app for merchants No Yes Yes

7 things Shopify can do over Magento vs. Wix

Provide unlimited bandwidth and storage

Magento doesn’t provide hosting, so it can’t control bandwidth and storage limits. Wix has a cap on storage limits, with the lowest being 3 GB for its combo plan and its highest being 50 GB for its Business VIP plan. The Combo plan only has 2 GB of bandwidth, while remaining plans have unlimited bandwidth. Shopify provides both unlimited and unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage on all plans.

Give access to over 6,000 apps

Who has the most commerce apps: Magento vs. Wix? Technically, Magento, which boasts over 4,000 apps compared to Wix’s more than 250. However, Shopify provides over 6,000 commerce-related apps to help you design, launch, and run your online or offline business with ease.

Support your international business

Who has the best support: Magento vs. Wix? Magento doesn’t provide international support. However, Wix offers support in nine languages to support its international audience. Yet, it’s Shopify that boasts support in 21 international languages to support businesses around the world.

Simplify shopping for customers

Unlike Magento and Wix, Shopify is committed to making commerce better for everyone—including your customers. Enter Shop. Shop lets your customers track, pay, and shop better using a convenient shopping assistant to simplify the experience of shopping from your business.

Help fund your business

While Magento doesn’t offer loans, Wix Capital does invest in some businesses. However, Shopify Capital also helps provide loans without personal credit checks and no application process. You’ll be able to fund inventory, payroll, and even marketing with Shopify with ease.

Make offline selling easy

While Magento doesn’t currently offer a first-party POS system, both Wix and Shopify do. Shopify’s POS system seamlessly unifies reporting for both your online and offline sales so you can get a quick snapshot of your business’ performance.

Include a free subdomain

Neither Magento nor Wix includes a subdomain to use. Shopify does, though. On Shopify, you can choose to buy your own domain after experimenting on the free subdomain, so you can test products without commitment.

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What’s the difference between Magento and Wix?

Magento is an open-source platform, whereas Wix is a drag-and-drop website builder. Shopify is a commerce platform that lets you sell online and offline with ease.

Which is better for ecommerce: Magento vs. Wix?

Both Magento and Wix are good for ecommerce. Magento’s functionality isn’t easy for a non-developer but was built for ecommerce. However, Wix wasn’t built for ecommerce but is easy to use. A better alternative to both Magento and Wix is Shopify, which was built for commerce and is easy to use, with drag-and-drop elements.

Which is easier: Magento vs. Wix?

Wix is easier to use than Magento. However, Shopify’s platform is very beginner friendly without missing any important features for big brands. You’ll be able to customize any aspect of your website with a user-friendly theme editor to adjust fonts, colors, and so much more.

Page last updated: January 24, 2022