Shopify order management and fulfillment

Everything you need to get orders to your customers

An order management and delivery solution that grows with you.

A woman with a shipping label in her hand is working on a laptop, with multiple boxes and files on shelves behind her. Overlaid on the right, is an image of a new order and an image of a classic high top sneakers product.


A woman is packing up a cardboard box with a purple shirt while a man on her right is writing in a notebook. Multiple boxes are on shelves behind them. Overlaid on the left, is an image of Shopify's early access smart order routing feature.

Shopify's smart order routing experience.

Order management and fulfillment

Streamline order management and fulfillment

Order management

Detailed order information that’s easy to see, edit, and assign. Add tags, comments and notes to any order, and use the timeline to accurately track order history and resolve customer issues.

Smart order routing

Early Access

Customize your order routing strategy using different criteria to prioritize and allocate orders to the optimal location, whether you you fulfill from your own locations, use several 3PLs, or both.

Order index

View all your orders, from all your sales channels, in one place. Organize orders based on criteria that help you fulfill and ship them sooner, such as delivery destination and method, fulfillment status, and more.

Order editing

Make your customer experience easy to manage and make fewer fulfillment mistakes with the ability to edit any order before it’s shipped.

Custom saved views

Filter, sort, and select relevant columns for your order index so you only see the information that matters most. Save your preferred order index views so your configurations are ready the next time you access your orders.

Order status

Give customers real-time visibility of their order status from checkout to delivery with the order status page. Send order updates to customers automatically with the Shop app, via email or SMS.

Bulk printing and fulfillment

Create, buy, and print multiple shipping labels, packing slips, and custom forms at once. Increase efficiency with bulk actions that allow you to fulfill, request fulfillment, or cancel multiple orders at the same time.

Order printer

Use Shopify’s Order Printer app to print everything you need to fulfill your order, including custom invoices, labels, receipts, packing slips, and more.

Fulfillment automations

Save time and reduce errors by automating and streamlining fulfillment processes with Shopify Flow, a workflow automation tool.

Draft orders

Create orders and invoices from anywhere that can be emailed to your customers and paid for at their convenience, online or in person.

Shopify Fulfillment Network

Let Shopify take care of fulfillment for you. Our fulfillment centers will professionally pick, pack, and ship your orders across North America, so you can spend more time running your business.

Subscription orders

Run your entire subscription business and customer experience from one place, from first click to fulfillment with apps that are built for Shopify.

Order analytics and reports

Use the Orders page to gather real-time insights that help you monitor and improve your store’s performance. Always know how many orders are placed, open, fulfilled, delivered, and returned.

A woman on the left is behind several stacked boxes on a table and a woman on the right is showing her something on a tablet. Overlaid on the right, is an image of Shopify's inventory editing experience, displaying quantities of shoes being edited.

Shopify's bulk editing inventory experience.

Inventory management

Easy, accurate, and real-time inventory control

Inventory tracking

Accurately track and manage on hand, available, committed, unavailable, and incoming stock quantities from all your sales channels and locations in one place.

Multi-location inventory

Efficiently allocate inventory across warehouses, fulfillment centers, and stores, so that your products are always where they need to be, when they need to be there.

ABC analysis

Make informed decisions about which products to stock, reorder, and eliminate with a grading system that ranks products and variants based on sales performance.


Move inventory between warehouses and sales locations, so your fulfillment capabilities can scale with your business.

Bulk inventory editor

Edit, customize, and manage multiple products across your fulfillment locations at once with bulk editing actions.

Adjustment reasons

Take control of your inventory with adjustment reasons, enabling you to assign and accurately track changes to your inventory. Provide reasons such as “Damaged” or “Returned” to get better insights and manage non-sellable items.

Inventory management apps

Use the app store to find inventory management apps that extend your inventory capabilities including purchase ordering, demand forecasting, low stock alerts, and more.

Inventory reports

Keep track of inventory quantities, so you never miss a sale. Understand the value of your inventory, so you can optimize expenses over time.

Shopify mobile app

Get hands on with your inventory. Use the built in scanner to track and count quantities, receive transfers from suppliers and locations, and manage your inventory from wherever your business takes you.

A woman and man in a package room are holding and taping up a cardboard box for shipping. Overlaid on the left, is an image of Shopify's label creation experience, displaying a watch product that is unfulfilled, the warehouse location, price, SKU, and option to mark it fulfilled or create shipping label.

Shopify's shipping label creation experience.

Shipping & delivery

Ship faster and save money with our shipping solution

Shipping rates

Choose the shipping strategy, model, and pricing that works for your business and easily integrate it with Shopify Shipping or with your existing provider directly in Shopify.

Shipping carriers

Shopify Shipping offers pre-negotiated rates and built-in integrations with trusted local and international carriers such as UPS, USPS, DHL Express, Canada Post, and more.

Shipping labels

Use Shopify Shipping to purchase and print up to 50 labels in bulk and work more efficiently.

Shipping insurance

Get $200 embedded insurance against damage, loss, and theft with each eligible label bought through Shopify Shipping.

Shipping label automations

Streamline your order management workflows with shipping label automations that help you get orders out the door faster.


Work more efficiently with shipping presets. Apply a set of saved attributes to multiple orders at once, so you can save time and effort when buying shipping labels.


Fulfill orders more quickly by saving packaging preferences for each carrier and purchasing and printing shipping labels with Shopify Shipping.

Local delivery and pickup

Reduce shipping costs by letting local customers choose local delivery or in-store pickup at checkout.

A woman is standing in a closet with a phone in her right hand and t-shirts and jeans in her other hand. Overlaid on the right, is an image of the return request experience which displays a classic striped tee and high rise blue jean with return reasons and buttons to accept or deny.

Shopify's return request experience.

Returns & refunds

Create a seamless returns and refunds experience

Customer self-serve returns


Make the returns process an easy one by allowing customers the ability to initiate returns. You’ll also have visibility into incoming returned products, helping you make more informed inventory decisions.

Return management

Make returns simple for you and your customers. Easily create returns, track shipping, restock inventory and send automated customer notifications.

Return labels

Get discounted rates on USPS return labels to send to customers through email or included in their orders before they ship out.


Issue partial or full refunds on canceled or returned orders.

Return status

Keep track of the status of returns and see in progress and completed returns directly in the Orders tab.

Return reports

Use reports to understand which products sell best and which get returned most often. Easily visualize and address the issues that lead to higher return rates.

Return policy

Create a return policy that increases customer confidence and conversion. By displaying your policy on product pages, you can limit unnecessary returns and refunds.