Epson FP-81II RT FAQ

What products and services are included in my purchase of the FP-81II RT printer?

The purchase of FP-81II RT printer from Shopify includes the following:

  • On-site installation service (fiscalization of printer)
  • 1 year on-site warranty (including all spare parts and technician on site visits necessary during the warranty period) - Nonrefundable
  • Epson FP-81II RT
  • 23 Key Keyboard
  • LCD display
  • PS-180 & AC cable
  • Receipt starter roll
  • Paper roll spacer
  • Power switch cover

Please note that it does not include defiscalization services for your old printer or the printer purchased from Shopify that you wish to return. This service is available from Epson’s service partners. To learn more, please contact the service centre that fiscalized the printer.

What is a fiscal printer and why do I need someone to install it?

Italy introduced fiscal laws to prevent fraud by data changing and for automatic delivery of fiscal data via network connection. A certified fiscal printer will automatically transfer transactional data to the Italian tax authority on a daily basis. To ensure data integrity and legal compliance, RT Fiscal Printers must be certified, installed and configured by a licensed technician.

Fiscal data is automatically submitted to the Tax Authority every day via a telematic device integrated in the RT fiscal printer.

What is the LCD display and 23- key keyboard for?

The LCD display is required during the printer installation process and also needs to be used as the customer facing display during printer operation. During normal operations of the printer, the display will indicate the final payment total and payment method selected as per local regulation requirement. The printer will not display the price of each item as it is entered into the POS system at this point in time. 

The 23-key keyboard is mainly used during configuration of the printer. During regular usage, the keyboard does not need to be connected unless you need to manually input VAT data.

Can I use a different printer?

Shopify supports the Epson FP-81II RT and the FP-90IIIRT, both of which meet Italian fiscal requirements. However, Shopify only sells the Epson FP-81II RT as the most popular model of the two.

I just purchased the printer, what are the next steps?

Once you order the printer, within 2-3 business days you should receive shipping confirmation with instructions to register your printer with Epson at Epson Product Registration ( . If you require any assistance, please contact Epson at or by calling 02.30578341. Be sure to have your shipping confirmation and CoverPlus activation code ready before contacting Epson.

My printer is not working, what should I do?

Your printer cannot be installed without an Epson technician. The technician will diagnose the printer to see whether they can repair it on site. If a repair is not possible and the printer was shipped within 30 days, Shopify will exchange the printer with a new one in accordance with our 30-day return policy. If it was shipped over 30 days ago, you will need to call Epson's hotline at 02.30578341 for repair services.

Can I return the printer if I change my mind?

We offer free 30-day returns on the ​​Epson FP-81II RT printer but the CoverPlus service included with the printer purchase is non-refundable (retail price 281 EUR). If you received a discount, the retail price of CoverPlus (281 EUR) less discount will be non-refundable. This is calculated by converting the total discount as a percentage of order and prorated against retail price of CoverPlus.

If the printer was fiscalized and you would like to return the printer, you will need to contact Epson’s service center to defiscalized the printer. You will need to pay the service center 170 EUR + VAT to have a technician defiscalize your printer. Please note that if a printer is not defiscalized when it is returned, Shopify is not responsible for any damages incurred if the data on the printer is used or stolen. There is also no option to defiscalize the printer once the printer has been returned to our warehouse. 

Is there anything I should do if I want to transfer ownership of my fiscal printer?

Once your printer is fiscalized, it is linked to your VAT account. You will need to have your printer defiscalized by a licensed service technican to delink this connection. Please contact the service centre that installed the printer as they will already have all the information necessary to carry out this service. The defiscalization service is approximately 170 EUR + VAT, which will be charged by the service centre.

Do I need to renew CoverPlus after one year?

Yes you must always have CoverPlus for the life of the printer. The one year CoverPlus will just get you started for the first year of operation. Every two years you must have a mandatory fiscal check done every 2, 4, 6 and 8 years. You can renew your CoverPlus coverage by contacting the service centre that installed the printer. Service contract renewal costs 253 EUR + VAT for a 2 year renewal. 

What is included in the one-year CoverPlus fee?

RT installation with 1 year on-site warranty, Mon/Fri

This service includes also the new operations for RT installation called “censimento”, “attivazione”, QRCode printing, “messa in servizio” and “Verificazione Periodica” during the installation (mandatory fiscal check).

If you need assistance or on-site support, with CoverPlus you can request this free of charge by contacting Epson support at 02.30578341 (Epson Technical Support Hotline)

What will I need to prepare for installation of my new fiscal printer?

Once you have registered your printer, to request printer installation and QR Code printing, please contact the Epson hotline at the following number: 02.30578341

The following information will be required to communicate to the agent:

  • Serial number of the fiscal printer
  • Name and full address where the service event is requested
  • Full name of a contact person and telephone number
  • Indicate that the vendor you purchased from is Shopify
  • Indicate that SSL must be switched ON during installation

Following the request made via the Epson hotline you will be contacted directly by an Epson authorized service center to arrange the installation appointment.

You will be asked for the following information:

  • VAT departments: Department 1: XX%/ Department 2: XX%/ Department 3: XX%/ etc.
  • Receipt header: Configure the receipt header with customer data and logo, if required
  • Printer Configuration: the IP address, Gateway, DNS for the installation of the cashier system, if known (this can also be done onsite with the technician)
  • Contact person for printing QR Code: person who has access to tax administration (QR code for tax). QR Code can be downloaded on the Revenue Agency website.

My printer is malfunctioning and the warranty is expired. What are my options?

You may contact Epson’s service center and they will offer price quotations and options to repair your printer.