Report a Partner Violation

If you are reporting an issue with a Store, use the Report a Merchant form instead.

Shopify is committed to ensuring that every Partner within our Ecosystem is reliable and adhering to our quality and security standards. If you encounter a Shopify Partner that you suspect is not acting in accordance with our Partner Program Agreement or API License and Terms of Use, submit a report.

What is the Partner Program Agreement or “PPA”?

The Partner Program Agreement (PPA) describes how we govern our Partner Ecosystem, including the kinds of activities that are prohibited for Partners. Anyone who signs up for a Partner Account, uses the Partner Platform or participates in any Partner Program activities is automatically bound by the PPA, and all Shopify Partners agree to comply with the PPA.

What is the API License and Terms of Use?

The API License and Terms of Use (API Terms) describes how Shopify’s APIs may be accessed and used. This would include both Merchants and Partners and anyone else that engages with our APIs. By using our API, our Partners and Merchants agree to comply with the API License and Terms of Use.