Top Online Shopping Categories in the US

Chart showing the Top Online Shopping Categories worldwide

The latest figures on the top online shopping categories rank fashion as the most popular category of all internet purchases. Of the total ecommerce expenditure worldwide in 2024, consumers are forecast to spend $745.4 billion on products related to fashion.

That represents a significant portion of global ecommerce sales and a 12.9% year-over-year increase in online fashion purchases. It’s an impressive growth rate, considering total online fashion sales grew by 8.7% the previous year. 

The second-most popular online shopping category is electronics. $637.6 billion is expected to be spent on electronic products in 2024. Together with fashion, expenditure in these two ecommerce categories is forecast to surpass $1.3 trillion in 2023. 

Third on the list of the top shopping categories in 2024 is food, with expected sales at $470.6 billion. DIY and hardware products are also proving to be trending products to sell online—$323.8 billion is forecast to be spent on them online in 2024.

With expected revenues of $294.3 billion in 2024, the beverages category ranks fifth on the list of top shopping categories online. Furniture and media round out the top seven, with projected revenues of $261.1 billion and $193.6 billion, respectively.

Top Online Shopping Categories in the US

 Chart showing the top online shopping categories in the US in 2024

Focusing on the top ecommerce categories in the US, DIY and hardware ranks first. US consumers are expected to spend $185.2 billion on these products in 2024, which makes up 17.4% of the expected total ecommerce revenue in the US. 

This marks one of the slowest growth rates for this ecommerce category in recent years. At 10.1%, the 2024 year-over-year growth rate is higher than the 15.8% growth rate in 2023.

Expenditure on products in the toys, hobby, and DIY category in the US is set to continue rising. Total revenue from these products is forecast at $203.5 billion in 2025 and by 2028, it will have exceeded $250 billion.

Fashion ranks second on the list of the top online shopping categories among US shoppers. Revenue from this category in 2024 is expected to reach $162.7 billion. This is followed by beverages and food at $157 billion and $144.7 billion, respectively. Electronic products rank next, with revenues forecast to hit $121.9 billion. Furniture and media complete the list, as their revenues are projected to be $110.3 billion and $37.7 billion, respectively.

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Shopping categories FAQ

What are the most popular online shopping categories in the United States?

  1. DIY and hardware ($185.2 billion)
  2. Fashion ($162.7 billion)
  3. Beverages ($157 billion)
  4. Food ($144.7 billion)
  5. Electronics ($121.9 billion)
  6. Furniture ($110.3 billion)
  7. Media ($37.7 billion)

What are the most popular online shopping categories worldwide?

  1. Fashion ($745.4 billion)
  2. Electronics ($637.6 billion)
  3. Food ($470.6 billion)
  4. DIY and hardware ($323.8 billion)
  5. Beverages ($294.3 billion)
  6. Furniture ($261.1 billion)
  7. Media ($193.6 billion)

What is the top-selling online retail category?

Currently, fashion is ranked as the top-selling online retail category worldwide. In 2024, consumers are forecasted to spend $745.4 billion on fashion products.