How Lost Craft Built a Brand in Their Hometown

Lost Craft Founders, Balraj Jutla and Shehan De Silva

How do you get your product to stand out in a crowded marketplace?

That’s the exact question Balraj Jutla and Shehan De Silva asked themselves seven years ago while founding their craft beer company, Lost Craft.

Their answer? Lean heavily into their love for Ontario, Canada and deliver their beer right to their customers.

A Lost Craft beer.


Lost Craft's premium Apple Cider. Lost Craft

To do this, Balraj and Shehan held forums in their community and connected with local stores and bars to better understand what both business owners and residents wanted from a local craft brewery. 

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“We always preferred easily drinkable, approachable beer,” Balraj said.”So we wanted to bring that style of beer into the market, products that everyone could enjoy.” 

Balraj Jutla, Co-Founder of Lost Craft


Balraj Jutla one of the Co-Founder of Lost Craft has always had a love for craft beers. Lost Craft

The duo also worked with local brewmasters when perfecting their product. 

”It's about staying true to where those products came from (and) where they originate from, because every one of our products actually has a unique story,” Balraj said.

Just like Lost Craft’s customers. Balraj said his company prioritized listening to feedback from folks who bought their beer both in-person and online and adjusted accordingly. 

A hand pours Lost Craft beer into a tall glass.


People can enjoy a Lost Craft beer at their local bar or from the comfort of their home. Lost Craft

Tune into the full Shopify Masters episode to hear how Balraj and Shehan created a business from community engagement and brand awareness, and why working with local producers might be the right choice for you.