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Fathead uses Shop Pay and Shopify Flow to boost average order value by 46%

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Fathead, the pop culture giant selling famous wall graphics of pro athletes, superheroes, and more, had a problem. Recently acquired, and with new leadership at the helm, the company quickly realized it was working with an old, cumbersome technology stack and ecommerce platform, requiring time-consuming manual processes to manage inventory and order fulfillment, and add new products to its fast-growing catalog.

Fathead migrated to Shopify Plus to enable a more flexible, robust interface while reducing platform development and maintenance costs. With a significantly simplified checkout process through Shop Pay and more streamlined order fulfillment processes through Shopify Flow, Fathead saw improved cash flow, higher conversion rates across direct-to-consumer and wholesale channels, and an enhanced customer experience all around.

Our average order value increased and we attribute a lot of that to Shopify Pay’s easier checkout process, which also gives customers multiple ways to pay. Shopify Plus makes it easier to upload and manage our catalog, too—within a year of using it, we went from 4,700 products to 12,000 products, and we’re now looking to double that number again by the end of the year.


Ivy Tran — Chief Operation Officer


Home Furnishing

Previous platform



Shopify Flow, Shopify Plus

Use case

Replatforming and Upgrades, Cost Effectiveness, Automation

With Shopify, Fathead saw results fast.


Increase in average order value


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in revenue

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