[Free Webinar] Building Your First Shopify App

building your first shopify app

The great thing about building Shopify apps is that you can take the current platform merchants know and depend on, and build something on top of it that makes their experience even better!

Many Shopify app developers are full-time entrepreneurs, who build entire businesses selling apps through the Shopify App Store.

Building these apps is an exciting opportunity for web app developers everywhere. But when you’re starting out, you may worry about the hours that will go into navigating our docs and APIs. Let us put your concerns to rest: you can actually build a simple Shopify app with Node.js and Express in less than one hour!

In this free hour-long webinar hosted by Developer API Support Lead Andrew McCauley, you’ll learn how to:

    • Set-up a Shopify Developer account
    • Build a Node.js + Express application that connects to Shopify
    • Authenticate with a shop
    • Request a permanent access token
    • Make an API call
    • And more!

This webinar is now closed. Looking for some amazing content to tide you over until our next live event? Head over to our webinars page and check out our previous Partner Sessions.


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