Sell Furniture and Home Decor Online: How Fabuliv is Winning Hearts With Indian Craftsmanship

There is no place like home. 

When you think about owning a house or going back home, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The little things that make a house a home - Home decor. 

Established in 2015, Fabuliv is one brand that has made a name for itself in the space for delivering elegance, style and quality to thousands of homes by selling home decor online. 

Founded by Ishita Singh and Sumit Rastogi, the entrepreneurial dua brings extraordinary craftsmanship of artisans to the public, with a single focus goal to break the monotony of home decor and deliver above the average. 

The story behind Fabuliv 

Fabuliv’s journey to becoming one of India’s most loved home decor brands online comes from the Founders’ innate design sense. Their zeal and passion to work with artisans around the country make Fabuliv an expression of cultivated and sophisticated lifestyle, where creativity and innovation blend with luxury, and fine taste. 

But they wanted to do more than just sell home decor online. Fabuliv wanted to share the stories of the artisans they work with and give a glimpse into all the hard work that goes behind each piece they sell in their store. 

That’s when Ishita and Sumit decided to take their brand online to reach more customers who could learn more about their products and make them an integral part of their homes. 


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Selling home decor online: Starting an online store with Shopify 

When Fabuliv decided to sell home decor online, they wanted an eCommerce platform that would be easy to get started with. But at the same time, they knew it was important that the platform also supported their needs as the brand grew. This was especially important as both the founders came from non-technical backgrounds. 

After experimenting and spending a lot of money on different, competing platforms, Fabuliv decided to trust Shopify to start their online store. 

“What we like about Shopify is that they make the whole process very simple. We didn’t need much IT staff in place to get our store live. In fact, we don’t need a complete tech team to manage the site even as we grow today. No matter what solution we need to implement on our online store, there is a plug and play app or tool for it available in the Shopify app store. And that makes our growth even easier!”

- Sumit Rastogi  

With the ability to start an online store to sell home decor easily, and taking care of the heavy lifting required to manage their store, Shopify has given Fabuliv more time at hand to do what they love. The brand has remained focused on growing its network of artisans, giving their unique craftsmanship a platform where it gets noticed. 

Today, Fabuliv works with 150+ artisans across the country, who work with the brand to bring eco-friendly, handcrafted and sustainable home decor products to the market. 

“We upcycle a lot. We recycle a lot. Our goal is to minimize wastage. We have a design philosophy of being minimalistic and our goal is to marry functional with decor-oriented styles. Each of our home decor pieces are a mix of global trends and the crafts of Indian culture.” 

- Ishita Singh 


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Creating a positive impact on the society 

Fabuliv is not just known for its sustainable home decor products. The brand has been able to create a tangible impact even on the lives of all the artisans they work with. 

By selling home decor handcrafted by artisans on their store, the brand has been able to provide them with a stable lifestyle. Not just that, they have also brought their families close to them, providing education for their kids, to further motivate them to follow their passion for art and craft.  

“If the people you work with are happy, you’re happy. We’re not just running a business here to make money. We want to make a positive difference in the society and the lives of these artisans who haven’t been given the opportunity to showcase their art and craft at a nation-wide level before.” 

Sharing their stories to sell home decor online 

When it comes to selling home decor online, it takes more than just getting the best products in place. You have to be able to convey the value you’re offering and bring forward the unique story behind your products. 

Here’s how Fabuliv does a fabulous job at it to share how unique crafted each of their products are:

1. A customized home page 

Your first impression has a lot to say about you. Especially when you’re running an online store. So as you start an online business, it is important that you make a positive impression on the visitors that reach your site. You have to take into account that this page is not just for promoting your deals and discounts, but also introducing them to your product ranges and your processes, and to address any concerns that a consumer may have at the moment. 

Shopify enables you to customize the look and feel of your home page easily. The page editor allows you to customize your theme to add as many sections to your home page as possible so that you can bring a visitor’s attention to the most important aspects right away. 

Here, Fabuliv uses the first banner on their homepage to convey how their products are made mindfully and crafted to last. This addresses the one concern of most shoppers looking to buy home decor and furniture online - the robustness of the products. 

Second, they have added a new section to show how shoppers can trust them in this post-COVID-19 world. They share the safety measures they’re following with a quick banner addition here. 

sell furniture online - home page

2. An about us page that shares their story 

When you start an online store, your focus is always centred around the product pages, discounts and how optimized your cart and checkout pages are. This often leads to a disconnect between the brand and the end consumer.

With an about us page, you get to share the story behind your brand and showcase how you’re unique, what your vision and mission is, and how it is something that the consumer has long been wanting to associate themselves with. Here’s a glimpse at Fabuliv’s page:

sell home decor online - about us page

3. A display of user-generated content and social proof 

Fabuliv knows how important it is for one to get a look and feel of how a home decor product looks before purchasing it. That’s why they also display user-generated content on their store to show their visitors how their products have found a home, and how beautifully they fit in.

Along with customer reviews, this little section displaying the Instagram posts shared by their customers, keeps the visitor engaged and wanting to explore more, inspired by what other customers like them are doing. Think of it as a Pinterest gallery of home decor created by customers. 

sell furniture online - social proof

4. A ‘featured in’ media page

To further win the trust of online shoppers and sell home decor online, Fabuliv has also added another page to display where their brand has been featured. Right from online magazines to print magazines, startup news and more, this page is a curation of clips of their stories shared with the world.

It also links the visitor to the products that are featured in the media mention to make it easier for new visitors to find products they may have been inspired by. 

media gallery - sell furniture online

5. A crisp and clear product page 

Selling furniture or home decor online can be tricky. The finer details like the material used or the dimensions of the product have a big impact on the experience of a customer. To avoid setting unrealistic expectations and reduce returns due to issues such as product sizing, material quality, etc, Fabuliv has set up product pages with crisp descriptions. 

This includes details like dimensions, material, warranty period, shipping time and even product care instructions. 

sell furniture online - product page

They additionally, also display product recommendations on the page to help the shopper explore more items available on the store. This further enhances the shopping experience on the site, helps the shopper make an informed purchase and overall, builds a great brand impression. 

With a host of other Shopify features, alongside apps and partners, Fabuliv is growing their online home decor and furniture store every day, winning hearts across India. 

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