Women Entrepreneurs Running Successful Online Businesses on Shopify

Women empowerment. It’s more than just a phrase and much more than just a movement. Today, when you look around, a lot of success stories are around women who decided to pursue their passion and turn it into a business that the world fell in love with. We at Shopify, are no different. 

We have been lucky to be a part of many such journeys over the years, where women stepped up, started their online businesses and set an example for everyone around them. So today, we’re actually acknowledging brands on Shopify that were founded by women, and have made an impact across the world. 

And also probably, have already found a place in your hearts. 

If you’re hoping to start your online business, you can take some inspiration from these women entrepreneurs who set up their brands on Shopify and scaled it to success. And if you're someone who's been wanting to associate with a woman-driven brand, well, you know what to do! 

1. Quirksmith

Quirksmith is a silver and fashion jewellery brand in India. The brand is famous for its unique designs. The brand is run by two sisters, Divya and Pragya and they've combined their talents and expertise to make Quirksmith what it is today. While Pragya handles marketing and strategy for the brand, Divya heads the design and production, ensuring each product shines through the noise online.

quirksmith women online business

2. Alicia Souza 

Alicia Souza built an online community with her delightful comics and sketches. When she decided to sell these adorable pieces for her audience to enjoy, she chose Shopify. With her online store, the artist has been able to make her work accessible for her shoppers across India, selling everything from calendars to planners to wall art and even t-shirts! 

alicia dsouza - start an online business

3. Suta

Suta is a humble brand that works with weavers from all over India to create handwoven and handcrafted products. Suta was a vision built by two sisters, Sujata and Taniya. According to the story, Sujata is the brains behind the successful brand while Taniya confesses to being the heart that keeps the brand running. We're pretty sure you've come across their sarees trending on your Instagram feed! 

suta women entrepreneurs start an online business

4. Yogabars

Yogabars advocates for a healthy lifestyle, selling healthy food bars and breakfast cereal. Started in 2014 by Suhasini and Anindita Sampat Kumar, the idea was inspired by a particularly gruelling hike. The sisters found that the energy bar industry here in India was limited and often unhealthy. With Yoga Bar, they could provide healthier snacking options for Indians.

5. KraftedwithHappiness

Krafted with Happiness sells products with an indo-western twist. From accessories to footwear, you'll find the snazziest of products on their store. The brand is a venture initiated by Parul Taneja and Anushri Shringi, two best friends who took their knowledge of architecture to create hand-crafted and niche products for their audience. 

start an online store jewellery

6. andMe

andMe sells women ayurvedic health and nutrition drinks, teas, and chocolates for PCOS, Periods, Skin, UTI, GoSlim. With no added sugar or preservatives, the brand caters to a very specific set of audience that is often overlooked. The team of 35 is led by 2 experts in health. One of them is Sheta Mittal, a certified yoga instructor, marathon runner, ex NIKE and Harvard Business School graduate.

andme start an online business shopify

7. KOJewellery

KO Jewellery sells handmade silver jewellery directly from the workshops of the Indian craftsmen. This niche brand was started by Priya Revankar, who has used her media skills to brand and market her products to highlight its values and scale the brand up with storytelling. 

start an online jewellery store

8. Fizzy Goblet 

Fizzy Goblet sells creative footwear for women and kids. Their footwear is not just known for its contemporary and unique design, but also comfort. The brand was started by Laksheeta Govil, on a mission to create a niche, eclectic footwear range that is affordable for all. Their shoppers choose to buy from them time and again because of their innovative designs and a fusion approach to footwear. Calling all fashionistas! 

start an online store footwear

9. Mora Tarra 

Mora Tarra is a brand known for its beautiful home décor accessories, wall plate designs, ceramic planters, and interesting lamps that make unique gifts for any occasion. Founded in 2005 by Anu Kumar, the brand was inspired by Kumar's grandmother 'Tara' who stayed in a small village in Rajasthan. The village was adorned with beauty, hand-done walls with textures, and artisanal furnishing that was reminiscent of the culture.

start an online store mora taara

10. The Jodi Life 

Founded in 2014, JODI is an India-based fashion label designing ready-to-wear fashion clothing for women and men, with a range that features bold colours and graphic prints. The brand was co-founded by Karuna Laungani and Gauri Verma, two fashion stylists turned designers who took the ancient art form of block-printing and gave it a new meaning with their products. 

start an online store women clothing

11. Carmesi

Carmesi is a brand that champions sustainability, selling biodegradable sanitary pads and panty liners, made with completely natural materials. It was started by Tanvi Johri. The brand was inspired after years of finding menstrual products that cause rashes and leave the Earth a little more polluted. 

mycarmesi start an online store

Every brand has a story. Every woman here has a story and we know you do too. 

We hope these stories motivate you to set up your own online business and share your passion with the world! 

And if it did, don’t wait another day. 

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