How Oliviers & Co. Grew Revenue 350% by Unifying Online and In-Person Selling

How Oliviers & Co. Grew Revenue 250% by Unifying Online and In-Person Selling

Oliviers & Co is a premier olive oil, balsamics, tapas, and truffle oil brand based in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. The brand partners with some of the best producers in the Mediterranean and offers a wide range of specialty finished goods, as well as online recipes, gift cards, oil tastings, and more.

Whether it is visiting Oliviers & Co’s retail store in Copenhagen to taste its selection or browsing its website for recipe inspiration or gift ideas, the brand has invested in creating a seamless experience for its customers. Since choosing Shopify to run both its online and retail stores, Oliviers & Co has enjoyed: 

  • 2x faster checkout at its retail store 
  • 350% increase in revenue since using Shopify POS 
  • Accurate and reliable stock management and reporting 

Challenge: unreliable inventory management and oversold inventory

Three years ago, Nina Vestmark Christiansen and Mikkel Toft Madsen purchased Oliviers & Co from the former owners. The couple knew that the brand needed to have a stronger online presence to be able to scale and sell to customers across Denmark. 

But the brand’s previous ecommerce platform, Magento, wasn’t intuitive to use and lacked functionalities to help them manage a large product catalog. Its integration with their store’s POS system wasn’t reliable, resulting in unreliable sales and inventory data. 

With approximately 400 to 500 products at any given time, accurate inventory management was critical for the brand to run its online and physical store more effectively.

Products would sell out and we wouldn’t know. When sales were made at our store or online, inventory wouldn’t reflect those sales immediately. This increased the risk of overselling and retroactively having to cancel orders. We needed a way to eliminate that risk because customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Mikkel Toft Madsen, Owner, Oliviers & Co. 

Solution: unified sales channels and inventory management 

Since taking over the business, Nina and Mikkel replatformed Oliviers & Co’s online store from Magento to Shopify, and chose Shopify POS to power its retail store in Copenhagen. 

With Shopify, inventory quantities synchronize in real-time as products are received, sold, returned, or exchanged online or in-store—the products customers see online reflects what the brand actually has in stock. Since unifying its sales channels with Shopify, Nina and Mikkel don’t have to worry about overselling products. 

The brand also chose to integrate its payments processing with Shopify Payments. Paired with their trusty POS hardware, Oliviers & Co now accepts tap, chip, PIN, and contactless payments and has sped up checkout by 2x. 

With customer retention being one of their top priorities, Ninia and Mikkel have also enjoyed Shopify POS’ unified customer profiles. When customers can’t remember a product they had bought previously, store staff can see purchases they made in-store or online and recommend the same or similar product.

Using Shopify for both online and in-person selling significantly reduced the complexity of our operations. The platform is easy to use and we’re much more efficient today, with better customer service and fewer order-related errors.

Nina Vestmark Christiansen, Owner, Oliviers & Co.

Results: selling the way its customers shop 

Oliviers & Co is growing across its sales channels thanks to its more efficient, reliable back office. Shopify POS reduces the amount of time spent on manual processes such as stock management, inputting prices, searching for customer histories and taking payments in-store.

Since switching to Shopify, Oliviers & Co has become a truly omnichannel business, blending the convenience of online shopping with the tactile experience of shopping in-store. Recently, they launched order fulfillment options like in-store pickup and local delivery, both of which have been a popular choice among local customers.  

The integration between our online store and physical store has been a great benefit for us. Our customers can shop how they want—whether online, in-store, or a hybrid like buying online and picking up in-store. Shopify POS is easy to use and gives us a lot of time and energy to do other things

Mikkel Toft Madsen, Owner, Oliviers & Co.

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