How PDPAOLA Improved Customer Lifetime Value by Unifying its Customer Data

How PDPAOLA Improved Customer Lifetime Value by Unifying its Customer Data

PDPAOLA is a Spanish jewelry brand that was started seven years ago by a brother sister duo.  With a focus on designing contemporary jewelry for the modern woman, PDPAOLA is a digitally-native brand that recently opened its flagship store in Barcelona. In just seven years, the brand has grown rapidly and its jewelry has been spotted on celebrities and influencers across the globe.

The brand can be found in department stores globally and also has its sights on opening concept stores across Europeestablishing itself as a truly global omnichannel business. With Shopify POS helping unify its online and in-person sales channels, PDPAOLA has enjoyed:

  • A 5% lift in customer lifetime value
  • 50% faster store checkout  
  • More efficient inventory management with fewer human errors

Challenge: Exploring physical retail for the first time

PDPAOLA saw huge growth quickly and decided to transition from a domestic brand and launch across Europe. It soon developed a large social media following across a diverse and international audience, as well as a strong ecommerce presence. 

As it grew, though, the brand realized it wanted customers to be able to try and feel its elegant and delicate products in real life. It needed a physical retail presence.

Having a physical presence to compliment our online offering is a key focus for us as a brand. It’s really important that we create a consistent experience for all our customers and that we continue to create a community around PDPAOLA online and in-store.

Miquel Cardona, Chief Business Development Officer, PDPAOLA

Solution: One platform to manage online and in-person selling

PDPAOLA started using Shopify POS to bring its online and offline sales together under one system. Shopify’s reporting dashboard blends online and retail store performance and provides a real-time summary of key information such as  sales by store location, top-selling products, total sales, returning customer rate, and more. 

The brand also leans on Shopify’s customer profiles, which unify their customers' online and in-store purchase history. They’ve centralized customer information to one system rather than needing to export data and build spreadsheets manually. This enables PDPAOLA to offer more compelling incentives to visitors that reflect both their interests and preferred ways of shopping.

With the launch of Shopify Payments in Spain, the brand has also simplified its accounting processes. Having payment processing integrated with its POS system makes monitoring sales, cash flow, and payouts easier to keep track of. 

We use Shopify on a daily basis to monitor sales and key performance indicators both in-store and online. The user-friendly way that this information is presented is so important and it makes it easy to see what is working.

Miquel Cardona, Chief Business Development Officer, PDPAOLA

💡 PRO TIP: Take control of your cash flow with Shopify Payments. Get a complete view of your business finances, know when to expect payouts, track in-store and online sales and payments, and manage your money where you run your business.

Results: A consistent brand experience everywhere customers shop

Using Shopify’s mobile card readers, store staff can take payments and checkout customers anywhere. There are no queues to pay, wait times to a minimum, and both customers and staff can move freely throughout the store. 

PDPAOLA has successfully created a consistent experience for all customers, irrespective of where they are, who they are or how they shop. With big ambitions to open more stores and concepts, this is just the beginning of the brand’s growth. 

Joining Shopify has been one of the wisest decisions we as a business have taken. Its features have unlocked new possibilities that help us reach our growth aspirations.

Miquel Cardona, Chief Business Development Officer, PDPAOLA

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