What’s New at Shopify: April 6, 2018

whats new april 2018

Welcome to the April edition of What’s New, where we educate you on changes, improvements, and updates to the Shopify ecosystem.

Since March, we’ve added a new integration to Shopify Payments with Google Pay, and expanded the Instagram sales channel to new countries. We’ve also made improvements to Shopify discounts and where they can be applied. And finally, we’ve made updates to the tools and services of Shopify Plus.

Read up on What’s New, explore new features, and start updating your clients today.

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1. Shopify Payments update

We added a new way merchants can accept payments from their customers.

Introducing Google Pay for merchants using Shopify Payments

Clients using Shopify Payments can now enable Google Pay to let their customers instantly access payment and shipping information already stored in their Google Account, resulting in accelerated checkout.

whats new april 2018: google payments
If they’re already using Shopify Payments, your clients can easily activate Google Pay.

Once a merchant activates Google Pay in their online store, customers visiting their site using Chrome or an Android mobile device will see a button with the Google Pay logo. Customers can tap the button and complete their purchase with just a few clicks.

Thanks to this accelerated checkout experience, merchants can reduce abandoned carts and increase conversions, resulting in more sales.

Help your clients set up Shopify Payments, and activate Google Pay.

2. Shopify sales channels update

Merchants in international countries can now create shoppable Instagram posts.

Shoppable Instagram posts are available in new countries

Shopping on Instagram has expanded to new countries and is now available for businesses in the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Brazil.

With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram is one of the faster growing social apps around, connecting consumers with brands and products every day.

whats new april 2018: instagramShopify merchants can tag their products in their Instagram posts.

Your international clients can now tag products in their posts, letting consumers complete the entire buyer journey from discovery to checkout. Customers can now tap on products in Instagram posts to view and buy a product from a merchant’s online store.

Learn more about how to set up the Instagram sales channel for your clients.

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3. Shopify workflow updates

We made changes to the tools and features you and your clients use in your day-to-day.

Add minimum requirements for customers to use discounts

Starting this week, merchants creating discount codes can choose to set a minimum requirement that’s based on the quantity of items a customer buys.

whats new april 2018: quantity discounts
Set the minimum quantity of items when creating discount codes for your clients.

Merchants offering discounts to their customers want to be able to tailor their promotions to their business’s needs, which is why we’re increasing functionality.

Educate your clients on their options for creating discount codes.

Create draft orders on mobile wherever you are

Up until this week, merchants could only create orders and send invoices to their customers from the Shopify Admin. We’re excited to announce that this functionality is now available on the Shopify mobile app.

whats new april 2018: draft mobile
Merchants can select products, add custom line items, apply discounts, and review their invoice from the Shopify mobile app.

Educate your clients on their ability to select products, add custom line items, apply discounts, and review their invoice before emailing it off to their customers with the tap of a button.

Learn more about how to create draft orders.

4. Shopify retail update

We made improvements to the Shopify POS system to help merchants selling in-person offer their customers a seamless buying experience.

Discount codes for Shopify POS

Shopify merchants selling in person can now create smarter discount codes that can be applied online and in-person through the Shopify POS system.

whats new april: pos discounts

Thanks to a recent update, your clients are now able to apply the same discount codes they’ve made available online at checkout in-store. That way, they’re offering their buyers a seamless shopping experience across multiple channels.

Let your clients know they can create smarter discount codes on their mobile device or Shopify admin to allow customers to purchase products whenever and wherever they want.

Learn more about discount codes for Shopify POS and multichannel promotions.

5. Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is our enterprise ecommerce offering for high-volume, high-growth merchants. In this section, we cover updates related to tools and services exclusive to Shopify Plus.

Automate tasks with Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow is a three-step visual workflow builder that can automate powerful workflows without the need of coding or development expertise. It’s trigger, condition, and action logic can set processes on autopilot in just a few clicks.

whats new april 2018: shopify plus flow

We’ve announced key innovations that will allow your clients to do even more with Flow.

Share workflows across stores

Shopify merchants and partners can now import or export workflows in seconds. Get your clients started with automation today with our top 14 downloadable workflow templates, or show your automation prowess to merchants by sharing workflows in the workflow community.

Detailed workflow monitoring

With enhanced workflow monitoring capabilities, it's easy to keep a pulse on how automations are performing and gain insights into the logic behind each automation. With detailed results available per workflow run, your clients can effectively troubleshoot and edit workflows to improve performance.

Learn more about new monitoring features.

Workflow editor updates: New ways to automate

We’ve added new triggers, actions, and workflow editor functionality to allow for more automation and processes.

Draft order created trigger and draft order actions

Flow can now start a workflow when a draft order is created with the draft order trigger. We’ve also added the ability to add or remove draft order tags and update draft order notes.

Update customer note action

Flow’s enhanced editor functionality now also positions merchants to end a particular workflow with an action that replaces the current customer note with a merchant’s specified note.

Any, all, or none condition condition control

For conditions that have a list of items to run through like fulfillments or line items — products in an order — this new feature allows merchants to specify that a condition must be true on “any”, “all”, or “none” of the items in the list for your workflow to run.

Learn more about these updates, including downloadable workflows that feature them.

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That’s a wrap

That concludes the updates for this edition of What’s New. We hope you found the information relevant to your business and team. To stay in the loop with more announcements, make sure to keep an eye out on the blog in the upcoming weeks.

Did you find these updates helpful? Let us know in the comments below!


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