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Mobile-first growth: How Thrive Causemetics grew Shop app orders by 13x in less a year

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Thrive Causemetics, an accessible luxury beauty brand with high-performance vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics products for all ages, embarked on a journey to leverage the Shop app as part of their mobile-optimized strategy. The team wanted to diversify its customer acquisition channels and continue to offer innovative and intuitive experiences to their customers. TC’s first mover and customer-first mentality, prompted the team to explore the potential of the Shop app to reach a new audience and enhance their overall offering.

We always want to be first to test or first mover.

  • Thrive Causemetics
  • Brendan Gardner-Young — VP AI + Legal


Thrive Causemetics does not have its own mobile app but understands the importance of a mobile strategy to stay relevant and responsive to evolving customer needs. Just like its product offering, TC is dedicated to continuously providing innovative and intuitive solutions and experiences for its customers. Aiming to reach new audiences and drive growth, TC’s business strategy emphasized channel diversification. With this, the Thrive Causemetic team was eager to explore innovative acquisition methods for sustained expansion.

We almost look at the Shop app and our products in there as our mini mobile app.

  • Thrive Causemetics
  • Brendan Gardner-Young — VP AI + Legal

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Thrive Causemetics identified Shopify's Shop app as a viable solution to diversify their customer acquisition and engagement channels then acted on the opportunity. By leveraging Shop, TC aimed to tap into a unique audience and optimize their mobile marketing strategy while also providing the best customer experience for their fans.

To achieve this, the team focused on several key strategies:

  • Optimizing their Shop presence: TC took the time to customize their presence on the Shop app to better express their brand. They did this by uploading rich media to their native storefront, merchandising their catalog, and showcasing their most relevant collections. TC also incorporated shoppable videos into their Shop Store via the Tolstoy Shop Mini. This not only enhanced the user experience, but also allowed them to repurpose existing social media content.

The fact that we could have the shoppable video on there as a Shop Mini was so useful. We saw results from that right away. Plus, we can repurpose some of our content that is on social media onto the shop channel.

  • Thrive Causemetics
  • Brendan Gardner-Young — VP AI + Legal
  • Running a Shop Campaign: Thrive Causemetics tested Shop Campaigns as a way to drive new customer growth on a new channel. They were able to set up a new campaign with very little effort and started seeing results immediately. Shop Campaigns now provides a consistent stream of new customers with a cost per acquisition (CPA) and minimum order value (MOV) that the team are in full control of.

We turned it [Shop Campaigns] on originally because we're always looking for ways to diversify how we acquire new customers. Also, we know the people that use the Shop app are a customer we would want to acquire.

  • Thrive Causemetics
  • Brendan Gardner-Young — VP AI + Legal
  • Tagging customers and measuring quality: The team implemented customer tagging to identify customers acquired through the Shop app. This enabled them to measure customer quality and assess repeat purchase behavior, providing insights into the effectiveness of their Shop app strategy.

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The Shop app has proven to be a valuable addition to TC’s mobile-optimized strategy, generating new customers and innovative opportunities for engagement. Additionally, the customization options and shoppable videos have enriched the user experience, allowing Thrive Causemetics to showcase their products in a unique way, this engaging content results in buyers spending 23% more than other buyers that did not view shoppable videos. TC’s customers clearly agree that Shop is a great fit for the brand, given that 40% of their total customer base use the Shop app, and 64% use Shop Pay.

The results of Thrive Causemetics' adoption of Shop Campaigns as an acquisition tactic have been promising. While the scale of new customer acquisition through the Shop app is not yet comparable to platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it provides a consistent flow of new customers at a cost per acquisition they have full control over. TC has acquired over 15,000 new customers since the beginning of 2023. This channel diversification has allowed the team to enhance their overall marketing strategy and meet potential customers in more places.

The team appreciate the low lift and turnkey nature of the Shop channel. They can confidently provide an optimized mobile shopping experience and acquire a consistent stream of new customers each month with very little time investment.

Managing and optimizing the Shop channel? Maybe two hours a month. It's very minimal for us.

  • Thrive Causemetics
  • Brendan Gardner-Young — VP AI + Legal

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With Shopify Plus, Thrive Causemetics saw results fast.


increase in Shop app orders since Q1 2023


new customers acquired via Shop Campaigns


of Thrive Causemetics customers use Shop Pay


hours per month managing the Shop channel each month

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