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Smart, relevant results through cutting edge machine learning technology. Findify’s advanced Athletic A.I. improves your customer experience - and your bottom line - more than any other integration.

Join 1000+ stores in over 50 countries and get an unparalleled real-time, 1:1 search & discovery personalization engine, fine tuned for growth!

Drive 2x sales in 27% less clicks using lightning fast, personalized search results - in real time - to new and returning users.

Increase AOV by as much as 34% with smart recommendations that show your customers products they may not have even known they wanted.

Stellar support that doesn’t leave you hanging. Issues handled by a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Fully customizable and automated out of the box.

You can finally move beyond sub-par search to deliver a shopping experience - unique to each one of your users - in real time, based on millions of your own data points. Findify is:

Optimized for mobile
Top-rated Shopify Search
Rigorously A/B tested to return real results

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