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Who are we?

Klevu is an intelligent site search solution designed to help online businesses to increase onsite sales and improve your customers online shopping experience. Klevu powers the search and navigation experience of many online stores, retailers and sites by leveraging advanced semantic search, natural language processing, merchandising and multi-lingual capabilities, ensuring visitors to your site, find exactly what they are looking for regardless of the device or query complexity.

Here at Klevu, we believe every purchase begins with a human desire and search query, from a search perspective it's important that technology goes beyond traditional data capture to understanding the context and intend behind the query rendering highly accurate and relevant search results every time. Our self learning algorithms learn in real time based on mass consumer intent, whilst the online merchandising and analytics enables you to streamline your customer retention and acquisition efforts. Not to mention, increasing those all important search to sales CvR's, AOV's whilst improving the customers site search experience.

Klevu's technology is extremely robust, simple to deploy and scales with your business. All backed by our friendly 24/7 support desk, who pride themselves on delivering enterprise class support from around the globe.

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