The Founder’s Zodiac: What Does Community Mean to You? [SURVEY]

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After studying some of the one million business owners who use Shopify, we’ve discovered that founder types tend to fall into one of five personality types. Which one are you? Start with our quiz

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What has become clear in the past year is that this series has the opportunity to be so much more. As entrepreneurs in 2020, we’re all more isolated than ever before. We need new ways to connect. Thousands of you are part of our Zodiac community—and you didn’t even know it. 

We’re working on the second phase of The Founder’s Zodiac, which includes a community where you can connect with compatible founders based on your personality type. Meet new friends, find a potential co-founder, and take comfort in knowing you’re not alone. 

While we build, we need your voice, stargazers. You’ve helped this series come to life so far, and we’re looking to you for feedback to make the next phase even better. Take our survey and tell us: what does community mean to you? 

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