How La Portegna Grew Average Order Value by 20% and Scaled Internationally

How La Portegna Grew Average Order Value by 20% and Scaled Internationally

La Portegna is born from the spirit of travel and craftsmanship. Founded 10 years ago as an online store, La Portegna opened its first store in Madrid a year later to sell its high quality handmade leather goods. Today, the Spanish brand has stores in London and Madrid, and is about to open a store in Mallorca. With products handmade by artisans in Ubrique, the brand has gained global media attention.

By switching from Vend to using Shopify for both its online and in-person selling, La Portegna has enjoyed:

  • A unified view of business performance across all sales channels
  • Significantly less time spent managing inventory
  • A 20% increase in average order value

Challenge: using different systems to manage online and in-person sales

La Portegna was growing as a brand, both online and offline. To power its sales on multiple channels, the brand was using Vend POS to handle in-person selling in addition to Shopify for its ecommerce platform.  

As a result, the important information the brand needed was scattered in different systems. To get a holistic, unified snapshot of La Portegna’s sales, teams needed to go through the time-consuming process of exporting data and building spreadsheets manually.

Using multiple systems to manage our online and physical stores was frustrating. Managing all our sales channels from Shopify simplifies how we run our business and makes it easy to view data and compare channel performance–from conversion rates and sales volume to customer value and beyond.

Jose Urrutia, Founder, La Portegna

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Solution: unifying online and store sales with Shopify

In November, 2020, La Portegna started using Shopify POS to manage its ecommerce and two physical stores from one platform. This immediately simplified business operations and made it easier to manage both its retail locations and online store. 

La Portegna's retail store running on Shopify POS

The team also appreciates Shopify’s reports, which centralize key information and make it easy to discover and capitalize on opportunities—whether in relation to online sales, the London store or the Madrid store.

The brand also uses the Shopify Partner Program to work with a range of different apps and extend the services they offer customers. Knowing its customers wanted to be able to customize their leather goods, for instance, La Portegna uses Zepto Product Personalizer, an app which lets them offer monogramming as a service.

Shopify has simplified everything for us. We can see orders coming in and then respond by ordering inventory in a few clicks. We can make decisions faster since our stores and channels are fused into one.

Jose Urrutia, Founder, La Portegna

Results: skyrocketing order value and scaling internationally 

Since using Shopify to manage its online and in-person selling, La Portegna’s average order value has increased 20%. That lift in revenue–along with greater operational efficiency–has enabled the brand to accelerate its growth. 

La Portegna has expanded its online presence to reach new customers internationally, and plans to continue opening new retail locations throughout Europe–all without facing limitations from their tech stack or requiring a large in-house team to support operations. 

We started with a simple site on Shopify ten years ago and have been able to expand since then. The customer service is friendly, simple and accessible for small businesses that want to grow.

Jose Urrutia, Founder, La Portegna

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