New Retail Pricing Gives Store Owners the Power of Shopify Without Added Costs

New retail pricing plan | Shopify Retail blog

Here at Shopify, we’re committed to offering merchants the freedom and flexibility to sell anywhere — both online and in your store.

That’s why we’re giving retail merchants the advanced tools they need to power their physical stores at a better price.

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Advanced Retail Tools For Your Physical Store

To make commerce better for everyone, Shopify is offering our most comprehensive in-person selling tools at no additional cost to many of our retail merchants. Starting today, current and new merchants with a Shopify or Shopify Advanced plan can get our advanced retail tools and features — previously an extra $49/month — at no charge.

That means you can get all the tools you need to sell at your store, pop-up, or anywhere offline without added recurring costs.

This package includes access to several advanced retail hardware options and features to power your store and make it simple to sell anywhere. You can connect hardware like receipt printers, cash drawers, and barcode scanners, to run your stores. You can also reuse your own retail hardware if it's supported by Shopify.

Merchants can also take advantage of features like gift receipts, physical gift cards, register shifts to support cash float, staff PINs, and a save cart feature to retrieve a customer's cart later without losing any order information. And regardless of your Shopify plan, you can also access Shopify POS, the free point-of-sale app that helps you keep track of your inventory and sync up all of your online and in-person sales.

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One Platform to Meet All Your Selling Needs

Juggling sales both online and in-person can be challenging. That’s where Shopify can help. Our mission is to empower you with everything you need to make selling anywhere a reality — which is why we’ve built a powerful commerce platform to help you sell seamlessly across many channels, including your store.

Shopify’s new retail pricing update makes it easier to get the power of Shopify to run your store at a better price. With Shopify’s integrated platform, you can manage inventory, fulfill online and in-person orders, collect customer profiles, and keep all your data synced — no matter how you sell. One platform to meet all your selling needs. Learn more at

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