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Sales tax compliance
without compromise

Connect your preferred sales tax service to Shopify, so you can stay compliant with the solution that’s best for your business.

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Remove the sales tax roadblock

Move to Shopify without the cost and risk of managing multiple sales tax solutions.

Keep your favorite tax service

Shopify is partnering with a growing list of trusted tax partners, so you can bring the solution you know and trust or choose a service that’s best for your business’ unique needs.

Use Shopify’s checkout with
embedded tax calculations

Combine the world’s best-converting checkout* with hyper-accurate tax calculations, exemption management, and insights.

Give your team a break from
all the overhead

Handle all your sales tax needs in a single place. No more reconciling accounts or managing workflows across different platforms.

*Based on a study completed in April 2023 in partnership with a Big Three global management consulting company.

Shopify Tax Platform partners

We're collaborating with the most trusted sales tax services to build long-term integrations you can rely on. More partners coming soon.


Vertex, Inc. provides trusted and accurate, global indirect tax and compliance solutions for Shopify businesses. With Vertex, retailers can transact, comply, and grow with confidence by automating tax determination for sales and seller’s use tax (SUT), goods and services (GST), and value-added tax (VAT) for B2B and B2C sales.

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Avalara helps businesses of all sizes and industries get tax compliance right, delivering cloud-based compliance solutions including tax calculation, tax returns filing and remittance, and exemption document management for various transaction taxes. Our Avalara for Shopify integration supports global tax calculation, like U.S. sales tax and VAT, enhanced international selling capabilities, and aggregates transaction data from multiple channels.

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US only

Shopify Tax

Shopify Tax streamlines sales tax compliance in the US, saving businesses time and money. Get address-based rate calculations, nexus tracking, and detailed reports, all integrated directly into Shopify.Disclaimer:
International businesses are eligible to use Shopify Tax to manage their US sales tax needs. Page is in English only.

Person smiling while sitting on a couch with a tablet computer. State regions and tax jurisdictions for Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas float around them. The sales tax insights interface from the Shopify admin shows that $569,123 of $500,000 has been reached towards the regional threshold in Texas.


Both Shopify Tax and our trusted tax service partners are available to help you stay compliant while saving you the time, stress, and costs that come from managing sales tax.

Shopify Tax is the default tax service for Shopify merchants who sell in the United States and provides you with key insights, detailed reports and rooftop-accurate tax calculations.

You may benefit from using a partner tax service if you’re looking for a solution to manage sales and VAT tax globally, have unique tax requirements, sell across many channels, or require an extra layer of support and guidance.

Regardless of whether you choose Shopify’s internal solution or a partner service you can expect a high quality experience that meets your business’ commerce and tax needs. Still not sure? Contact us

The cost to use an approved tax service is determined between you, the merchant, and your chosen tax partner. Speak with your tax provider to learn more about their product-specific pricing.

Shopify does not charge any additional fees to connect your approved tax service to Shopify.

Great! Reach out to your Shopify merchant success manager or support team to get started.
We’re here to help guide you to the solution that’s best for your business. Our sales teams can help you understand your options and connect you with the tax service you’re interested in, or you can select one of the services above to learn more and connect directly.
We’re focused on removing the sales tax roadblock and are actively working to bring more services onto the platform. Stay tuned for more options coming soon or reach out to sales and let us know what service you’re interested in!

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