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Make affiliate income, faster

Join Collabs Network to get instant access to commission offers on thousands of products. Generate your own affiliate links and share them with your followers.

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Discover products to share

Search for products you love and see how much you can earn.

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Start selling instantly

Generate a custom affiliate link to share with your followers, no approval needed.

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Get paid right away

Easily track your link visits and sales, and get automatically paid every month.

Apply to work with 
your favorite brands

Discover brands in the Collabs Network and apply for a deeper relationship.  Many brands offer perks and incentives to their inner circle which you can view on their Collabs brand profile.

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Better commission rate 🤑

Increase your earnings with a larger commission rate.

Discounts for your followers 💯

Share more incentive with your followers and get personalized codes and links.

Gifts and samples 🎁

Receive products to test out and make content with.


Collabs creator spotlight


Collabs Network is a game-changer for someone that’s new to the content creation industry. Since you don’t need to apply for any affiliate links, you can get started right away! It’s super easy to navigate and you get to create content that’s authentic/natural to you.

@mykenna - Fashion Content Creator

Mykenna sitting at a counter, smiling at the camera and holding a white mug.

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