Top Ecommerce Resources for July

Top Ecommerce Resources

It's a noisy world in the ecommerce space and it's often hard to keep up-to-date, especially on unique content/technology and not just re-posts, re-tweets and re-written articles about the same thing.

Given the responsibility agency owners have to their clients of being 'in the know', we've put together a little round up series that highlights a few ecommerce-related articles and apps that have come across our desk this past month that we felt compelled to share.


5 Ecommerce Stats That Will Make You Change Your Entire Marketing Approach

When it comes to quoting statistics to our clients, agencies often lean on the growth of ecommerce and mobile as a whole to drive interest in projects. Kissmetrics has put together a short list of rather surprising statistics when it comes to ecommerce, including the impact shipping has on conversion, effectiveness of retargeting, and more.

How to Sell Online: 18 Shopify Store Owners Share their Secrets

Who doesn't love a good first-hand account of success? Veeqo has pulled together insights from 18 different Shopify store owners on some of the key tactics and strategies they use to drive the growth of their businesses.

Going Global: Building an International Ecommerce Store

 A huge growth area for many ecommerce businesses is expanding their market beyond the U.S. and Canada. Ecommerce Review provides an overview of tactics and strategies necessary for creating a 'globally optimized' website.

Creating a Great Ecommerce User Experience with Buyer Profiles

Creating a great user experience requires a deep understanding of your client's users. Demographic and psychographic profiling is a great way to build a foundational understanding, but looking at your customers through the lens of their 'buying process' can provide a unique perspective and greatly improve your UX strategy. 



Top Ecommerce Resources: Klaviyo

Despite people constantly complaining about overflowing inboxes, email marketing still proves to be a valuable customer retention channel. Gone, however, are the days of 'blasting' newsletters to a blind list of email addresses, many of whom likely never opted-in originally. Marketing Automation tools help bring intelligence to your email marketing strategies with the introduction of behavior-based segmentation and sequenced, personalized campaigns. Klaviyo, which integrates directly with Shopify, is an interesting platform to consider as it's built specifically with ecommerce companies in mind.

Sweet Tooth

Top Ecommerce Resources: Sweet Tooth

Customers are often fickle, and brand loyalty is a unicorn in the world of an ecommerce marketer. Sometimes a little extra incentive helps ensure you're staying top-of-mind amongst your consumer. Platforms like Sweet Tooth make adding incentive-based loyalty and reward programs easy to set up and integrate into an ecommerce website, including those built on Shopify.

Did we miss something? Share your favourite reads or discoveries from last month in the comment section.  

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