Instagram Bio Ideas: Elements To Crafting The Perfect Instagram Bio And Profile For Your Brand

Instagram Bio Ideas: Elements To Crafting The Perfect Instagram Bio And Profile For Your Brand

Instagram bios are often treated as an afterthought—They are mostly a line or two about your company you often hastily fill out while creating your account.

In reality, your bio is valuable social media real estate that welcomes users to your profile, makes the first impression of your brand, conveys key information about your business, and turns profile visitors into followers - probably even customers.

While the bio is important, it does not work in isolation. The entire profile of your business Instagram handle makes a cohesive impression working in tandem with your bio. In fact, the character limit of your bio is a constraint, and some of the heavy-lifting can be shared by other elements of your profile. Therefore, this blog addresses the things you can do to optimise both your profile and your Instagram bio to make the most out of your Instagram marketing efforts

What is an Instagram bio?

An Instagram bio is a small summary about yourself or your business, found just below your username on your Instagram profile. An Instagram bio typically includes a short description of your page, your business, or yourself. However, you may use the space to write about anything you want your profile visitors to read first up. You may also add your contact information, emojis, and more, provided you keep it under 150 characters.

Your bio can include one external link, hashtags, and a username, which you can customise separately from your handle (i.e., @user). Remember, your bio is one of the main things people look at when deciding whether or not to follow you on Instagram—so make every piece of information count.

What does your Instagram profile need to accomplish?

It may not seem like you have much room to work with when you consider everything your profile should accomplish. But good Instagram profiles will have:

  • essential information about your business (your brand name, category, etc.), which you can change under your profile settings.
  • a channel of communication for Instagram users to get in touch with you.
  • a unique voice lending to showcase the brand and its personality. Your product’s unique selling proposition (USP), helping your target audience understand what makes your brand valuable to them.
  • a link to the website - driving valuable actions, such as sharing or viewing content, registering for an event, or making a purchase.

Luckily, there’s an array of Instagram features you can use alongside your written bio that helps cover these considerations and create a profile that helps users quickly understand your business, what you’re selling, and how they can take further action. The tips below will help you understand how to make money from Instagram and drive traffic more effectively through a perfect bio.

How to create the best bio and profile for Instagram?

There are a few objectives you need to prioritise in your bio before you start optimising the rest of your profile. It is important to carefully list these objectives as Instagram limits character length to 150 characters for Bios.

Here are the key elements to help you craft an excellent Instagram bio and profile. 

  1. Tell profile visitors who you are and why they should care
  2. Use clickable tags to promote branded hashtags and sister accounts
  3. Include a call to action
  4. Make the most of your bio link
  5. Enable Shopping on Instagram to showcase your products
  6. Curate Highlights for your profile
  7. Share a ‘social media only’ promo code
  8. Curate your own guides

1. Tell profile visitors who you are and why they should care

However you may choose to express it, some of the important things your profile should focus on are – the name for your profile, its username, a profile photo, its business category, and a description to accomplish what your business offers, and who you serve.

●    Name/ Username and Profile photo

Your username and the profile picture are what people will notice first before moving on to the Bio. 

Username is located at the top of the bio and determines how people search for your brand. Instagram limits the username character length to 30. Use your business name, ideally. If it’s already taken, make sure your business name is at least the first part of your username. People searching for your business account are more likely to find it that way.
A business’ logo often works best as a profile picture to build recall. Make sure you use a photo that is easy to recognise and of high quality, capturing the essence of your brand consistently across all your social network pages. Keep in mind that the minimum profile picture size must be 110 x 110 pixels and the ideal Instagram profile photo size is 180 x 180 pixels.

shopify instagram

Source: Shopify Instagram page

In the screenshot that we took of the Shopify Instagram page, we can clearly see the Shopify’s logo as their profile picture with the brand’s name being used as both - the name and the username.

●    Business category

The Category section shows up just below your business name and is generated by the category chosen on Instagram or a linked Facebook page. Indicating your business type will give visitors a better and immediate idea of the products or services that you offer.

Source: GoCoop Instagram page

As we can see in the example above, GoCoop has categorised its business as an E-commerce website.

●    Description

Your profile description is the core of your Instagram bio. Here’s where you have 150 characters for the bio to showcase your brand and win that first impression encouraging customers to take further action.

When new users discover you on Instagram, you need to quickly give them the information they need to gain their interest. As on most social media platforms, you won’t have a user’s attention for long, so use concise copy that gets your point across quickly. You may use special characters or emojis to draw attention to specific parts of your bio, for example, a clickable link to your website with customisable font from websites like LingoJam.

Source: Urban Monkey Instagram page

Like many brands, Urban Monkey explicitly describes who they are in clear and simple terms in addition to using a directional tool - an emoji directed explicitly towards their website link.

2. Use clickable tags to promote branded hashtags and sister accounts

The link in your bio isn’t the only thing visitors can click on to learn more about you. If you have a branded Instagram hashtag, include it in your bio to draw clicks and take interested users to an Instagram feed of branded or user-generated content.

Let’s look into the Yogabar brand page that uses a clickable tag in its bio and promotes the brand through the hashtag #yogabar.

Source: Yogabar Instagram page

This actively encourages customers to create a new post, use the branded hashtag in their Instagram captions, and share photos of themselves relishing their products.

Branded hashtags are also searchable, which provides a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Making it easier for a brand to curate/ collect content and reshare it
  • Ensuring customers use the right hashtag
  • Taking users who click on the hashtag to an entire feed of branded or user-generated content is a big win for the brand

For instance, when we search #yogabar, we get the following results.

Source: Instagram

Similarly, you can tag other accounts to direct profile visitors to your additional properties on Instagram. If you have a sub-brand with a separate Instagram account or a partnership you want to highlight, you can mention it in your bio (i.e., “@username”) and it will appear as a link. Similarly, if yours is a sub-brand, the user name of your parent brand or main business can be mentioned. Source: Tommy Hilfiger Instagram account

Tommy Hilfiger is a fantastic example of a brand that uses mention tagging well in its bio. It has a separate Instagram profile for its jeans. By tagging the other account in their main profile, they ensure it sends users to the content and products best suited to them.

Source: TagMango life Instagram account

Another example to look at is the TagMango sub-account that mentions its official account on Instagram without being pushy by asking visitors to head there. However, the relationship between the sub-account and the official account is made clear.

Source: Instagram page

Similarly, WingreensWorld describes itself as a collaboration of its parent brands with username mentions effectively.

3. Include a call to action

Featuring a call to action (CTA) in your bio’s copy can be a valuable addition. It is more likely that a user will take the action you describe if the call to action clearly explains how to do it.

You can prioritise several different actions in your bio (you can even squeeze in a couple of different CTAs), so consider what would be the most valuable to your business and make room for that.

No matter what CTAs you use, below are a few best practices and approaches to keep in mind:

  • Feature your highest priority CTA at the end of the bio: People will be more likely to take action after you’ve established who you are. Plus, it puts your CTA close to your link
  • Give clear instructions where needed: For example, if you want to get users to contribute to your branded hashtag, opt for something like “Share your unboxing experience with #opensesame” with a clickable hashtag at the end
  • Start with the action: Begin your CTA with a verb (Start, Shop, Tag, etc.) to get straight to the point and eliminate unnecessary words
  • Be direct: “Click our bio link to shop our latest products”
  • Encourage users to share: “Tag #[brandedhashtag] to be featured”
  • Promote a limited-time offer: “Shop our Black Friday sale”
  • Highlight a contest: “Share your favourite flavour and win goodies!👇”

Source: The Decor Kart Instagram page

The Decor Kart for example, has three CTAs in its Instagram bio. First, encouraging users to share and tag it. Next, driving users to click the link to learn more about its products and shop. Lastly, encouraging users to visit their website.

Keeping everything in mind, remember that you can adapt your bio to promote special events, like a seasonal sale, contest, or an upcoming trade show. You can always swap in new CTAs and links to prioritise limited-time offers or events.

●    Contact options and action buttons

Action buttons are a huge part of a good Instagram profile. It’s extremely common for users to contact you after they come across your brand on Instagram, so you may want to make the option readily available. Sometimes they’ll send you a direct message, but if that’s their only option it can quickly become hard to manage. Filling out your contact information on Instagram shifts most of this responsibility from your written bio to the appropriate action buttons that customers can easily find when they visit your profile.

So, depending on the type of business, you can add a few different action buttons like:

  • Email: Send an email to your company that will open the user’s default email app, ready to compose a message to the provided address
  • Directions: Get directions to your business address or an event or anything else, allowing users to pull up your mentioned location on a map and see where it is with respect to their current location
  • Call: Contact your business via phone which you can be set for users to either call or text
  • Book/Reserve/Get tickets: Third-party services to book an appointment, buy a ticket, and more through platforms like BookMyShow and Insider

Source: Fruit Box and Co. Instagram page

Source: Fruit Box and Co. Instagram page 

When a profile visitor taps the contact button on Fruit Box and Co.’s Instagram page, for example, it gives them two options: emailing or calling. People will use the contact information you provide, so only enter information for customer service channels you support.

By shifting your contact details to action buttons instead of the written bio, you get to save the limited real estate in your written bio for higher priority items. You can do this by editing your profile and tapping Contact Options, and your contact info will appear as clickable buttons on your profile when viewed through Instagram’s mobile app.

4. Make the most of your bio link

With swipe-up story links and shopping on Instagram, there are plenty of options to drive traffic to your site. But your Instagram bio link is still a valuable opportunity to send profile visitors to any page you’d like them to visit—whether it’s a Kickstarter campaign or a YouTube video.

Many brands link to their website’s homepage by default until they have the chance to promote something specific, like this example from Country Bean Coffee.

If you're unsure of what to put in, try using a tool like Linkpop, which is a free tool designed to help you turn your social media followers into customers. Using this tool, you can make it easier for people who come to your Instagram profile to buy your products. 

Source: Country Bean Coffee

You can also link to:

  • Your latest product launch to ride the wave of any other Instagram marketing efforts that brings attention to it
  • A link curation page, powered by a tool like Linktree, to promote a variety of links
  • A signup page for a course, email list, contest, etc.
  • Your latest article or video, if the content is at the heart of your business
  • An event registration page, such as an Eventbrite or tradeshow

Just be sure to adapt your bio copy to incorporate a CTA for your new link when you add one.

It is important to track how effective your link in bio is at driving traffic relative to other sources. If you're using Linkpop, you can easily track this in your Shopify Analytics. If not, you can use a URL shortener like Bitly, along with UTM Tagging – a UTM (Unique Tracking Module) is the piece of unique code you’ll add on to the end of your URL to you can make sure Google Analytics will track your Instagram traffic with accuracy.

Source: Snackible Instagram page

Whatever you choose, keep your goals in mind with an eye on how you’ll achieve them through your business profile and content. You can change your bio link as often as you want and increase its effectiveness by mentioning it in your individual posts, informing users to check out your bio link for more info. 

5. Enable Shopping on Instagram to showcase your products

Instagram Shop is a highly beneficial tool for businesses set up on Instagram. Unfortunately, Instagram has not completely launched this feature in India. You can set up an Instagram Shop only if you are a “managed client” of Instagram. To be a “managed client” of Instagram is not up to you. Facebook will approach you by themselves when you qualify some criteria like popularity, availability etc. What you can do, though, is to create and submit your Instagram Shop for Instagram’s review by following the steps they outline on the Instagram Shopping page. Some brands like Myntra, Nykaa and The Wishing Chair have Instagram shops as they are managed clients of Instagram.

The Shop tab will appear by default after you set up Shopping on Instagram and start tagging images with product tags. You can easily set this up in your own Shopify store.

The Shop tab is also home to all the content featuring your product tags, allowing users to shop your collection through the photos you’ve posted. They can tap on any of these photos to view them and to learn more about the products featured and tap once more to visit the product page on your website to make a purchase. Source: The Wishing Chair Instagram Page

Try to only use product tags on photos that clearly show off your products to create a carefully curated gallery under your Shop tab.

Here’s how the Shop tab looks like on The Wishing Chair Instagram page.

Source: The Wishing Chair 

6. Curate Highlights for your profile

Instagram Stories are an essential part of Instagram marketing, and Story Highlights give them a longer-lasting presence on your profile. Highlights allow you to save individual Stories into different “highlights,” which you get to name and organise as you see fit.

These Highlights will live in your profile indefinitely, right underneath your bio, above your feed, and when clicked will show the saved Stories one after another. You can also save Stories in an archive and use them for future Highlights.

Source: Sepoy & Co. Premium Mixers Instagram page

Sepoy & Co. Premium Mixers has Stories that give us an insight into their product collections, DIY Recipes, brand collaborations, events, and more.

Not only will your expired Stories of the day be given a longer lifespan, but you’ll be able to feature content that strongly represents your brand at the top of your feed, where users are most likely to see it.

Now you can add links to highlights as well, this gives you a chance to control the narrative, and even produce Stories with the express purpose of turning them into Highlights. There are countless ways you can organise your Highlights, but some of the most common themes include:

  • Event coverage or event details.
  • User-generated content.
  • Product tutorials.
  • ‘How it’s made’ content.
  • Behind-the-scenes content.
  • Product features or highlights of bestsellers.
  • News and announcements.
  • Impactful work done for society.
  • Fun, engaging activities.

Creating Highlights is easy, let’s look at the step-by-step process:

  1. Head to your profile page and tap New+ sign under your bio.
  2. Select all the Stories in your archive that you want to add to this specific Highlight. Choose them based on a specific theme or a narrative you want to convey.
  3. You’ll then be asked to name your Highlight. Note that you only get a maximum of 15 characters, including spaces, so you want to be clear and creative enough to make your profile attractive.
  4. The last step is to edit the cover image. You can even create a series of themed stories to be used as covers. You can add to your Highlights at any time by simply clicking on it and pressing Edit.

7. Share a ‘social media only’ promo code

To give your followers an added incentive to jump over to your site and make a purchase, consider sharing a promo code specifically for your Instagram audience. You could use a tool like Linkpop to feature a shoppable link where your audience can easily enter this promo code and make a purchase.

Source: BEAWARA official Instagram page

BEAWARA.COM does this in its Instagram bio, offering followers 10% off on their first order.

Discounts and promo codes are proven, conversion drivers. Not only do they drive users to your site to make a purchase, but they also give you a more accurate way to track these conversions. Use a code unique to your Instagram bio, so that you can track the sales you’re making through the Instagram code. If you use Linkpop, you can view this in your Linkpop Analytics

Source: TheGourmetBox Instagram page

TheGourmetBox has a special promotional coupon ‘INSTALOVE’ offering their Instagram profile viewers free delivery on their first order.

Dig deeper into the data and see what your visitors are buying. Use the insights to inform your Instagram strategy. If there’s a huge interest in a particular product, do a Q&A on your Stories about it. Partner with a local Instagram influencer to promote your brand. The opportunities from insights are truly endless.

8. Curate your own guides

‘Gram guide is the new feature to look out for. Instagram Guides launched during the peak of the pandemic is one tool that you can leverage to optimise and improve your profile. Essentially, Instagram Guides is a curation of content based on a theme. It is a bit like a listing blog with commentary on Instagram.

The guides tab will be featured along with your profile at the top, just below the row of Highlights. Just tap on the “create” option in your profile and access “Guides.” Directions are easy to make, and you can present them more creatively than a long-form blog. There are various design options available for your guides based on your format.

If you are tired of cramping your older posts into stories captioned ”Throwback” - now, you can create and save them as a guide. 

There are three types of format for Instagram Guides:

  • Posts: A curated list of posts that you have saved or liked in the past while incorporating your own in the guide. These will help build traction to your previous posts as you can re-introduce them to your newer followers.
  • Places: Special attention to all photography, travel, and food bloggers out there – use place guides to give shoutouts or recommendations to the audience about locations you would like your followers to experience.
  • Products: These can be easily integrated with your Instagram shop. You can curate the products guide within your store. The users can tap to see the original post or purchase the product directly. Some examples of Product guides are gift guides, essential products list based on your target consumer, etc.

Nicobar has successfully used Instagram guides to their profile. They have integrated Instagram Shop with Guides, thereby prompting direct purchase. Their curated products focused on gifting and festivals are highly popular. The selected section highlights the guides section of Nicobar’s Instagram account.

Source: Instagram 

Use all of the elements listed above to create a compelling Instagram Bio and profile that becomes a solid foundation for all your engagement, content creation and marketing efforts. Further, take inspiration from examples of brands creatively bringing together the elements to create their Instagram profiles and Bios. 

Instagram bio ideas: 20 best examples

Fashion/ Apparel


 Source: Birkenstock India account

Footwear brand Birkenstock India has an Instagram bio with carefully curated aesthetic visuals. Complementary Instagram bio photos and Story thumbnails give it a clean, on-brand look. It also shares branded hashtags and custom clickable links to its collection.

2. The Indian Ethnic Co.


Source: The Indian Ethnic Co. account 

The Indian Ethnic Co. promotes its brand and timeless culture of Indian handmade clothing on Instagram. Its bio has a clear and straightforward brand voice that aligns with its other communication channels. It also incorporates a simple URL to the main website.

3. Kanakavalli

Source: The Kanakavalliedit account

Kanakavalli makes major use of the Stories real estate, giving followers an inside look at its products, a guide on how people look, and what they say about their sarees. Their description very clearly communicates about the brand. The bio also has a simple URL that lets people go through different categories/ new collections of sarees.

  1. Youthiapa

Source: Youthiapa Machaao account

Youthiapa puts its brand logo on the cover of its highlight stories that promote events, product collections, or giveaways. Its bio states that they are the official merchandise sellers of the famous BB ki Vines and a link to shop for items posted on their website.



Source: Teejh India account

Teejh India has a more subtle approach to emojis, using the globe to direct users’ eyes to their worldwide shipping policy. It uses Stories to showcase behind the scenes (BTS) of their product shoots, showing the custom, handcrafted product collection of jewellery and sarees, and testimonials from their customers.

6. Quirksmith


Source: Quirksmith Jewellery Instagram page

Quirksmith Jewellry profile picture focuses on what their company is about. Their highlight covers, being the letters of the Hindi language in symmetry, gives it an edge over other visually pleasing highlights and take your focus there. It's Instagram bio directs users’ eyes to the main Linktree URL. Here, the Instagram bio also mentioned the Instagram handles of the founders so a profile viewer can get to know them virtually and have a personal connection.

Beauty/ Skincare

7. Earth Rhythm

Source: The Earth Rhythm account

The Earth Rhythm mostly dedicates its stories to highlighting product collections by thoroughly explaining to people what's in them. It reiterates the benefits of its products, has a very clear description that their product is unisex and clinically proven, and the link sends people to their website where they can grab products in sales/combos.

  1. Gynoveda

Source: Gynoveda

The voice conveyed in the copy of Gynoveda completely focuses on brand products and what problems they can be used in, matching the overall brand voice to helping women with Ayurveda products. A simple bio link takes users to a page where they categorically direct customers to their website to purchase products featured on Instagram.

9. 1 Hair Stop 

Source: One Hair Stop India Instagram page

One Hair Stop India favours the use of emojis and has a well-curated bio text. The Linktree link takes you to a page where you can engage in more content, see their in-person trials, their youtube channel, or shop the full online store. Stories highlight the brand’s commitment to educating people on how to use their product and highlighting the quality of it.

10. SoulTree

Source: SoulTree Instagram page

SoulTree India page is aesthetic with on-brand colours and style, their colour-oriented bio is pleasing to look at. They use their Instagram bio to share the brand’s authenticity with the country and products. They also remind the users that their products are certified. Their story highlights also let visitors know about their store in Gurugram and what it offers.

Technology/ Electronics


 Source: Crossbeats India account

Crossbeats India bio features their collaborations with people or on paid partnership and they do a great job in highlighting it. Their branded hashtag encourages social sharing and offers a chance to be featured. The bio text is simple and a clean one-liner. The bio also drives followers to a Linktree landing page.

12. Leaf Studios

Source: Leaf Studios account

Leaf Studios has a uniform, title-based approach to its Stories thumbnails, with blue backgrounds and striking white graphics. Its bio highlights what features their headphones have and their in-house app. A branded hashtag encourages social sharing and offers a chance to be featured. The website’s URL is also included for users who wish to browse more.

13. Amazfit India

Source: Amazfit India account

Amazfit India sells smart wearables and has a thorough product description in their story highlights which uses a yellow background with a white illustration of a particular product. Their use of emojis is very specific and minimal, lending a neat look to the bio. The link sends people to the official website page where they can grab products.

Home goods

14. Green Soul Ergonomics

 Source: Green Soul Ergonomics account

Green Soul Ergonomics uses its Instagram bio to describe what it offers in terms of products, as well as the famous people using their products.  Stories highlight the reviews of the customer as well. The link included in the bio is multi-purpose and gives you many options to browse products and collaborate with the brand.

15. TrustBasket

Source: TrustBasket

TrustBasket mostly dedicates its stories to highlighting product collections, in addition to sharing tips to help customers better care for their plants and educate them on gardening. The brand also uses the bio to promote its ethical vision., It regularly changes the link - in this example, it’s promoting a new product. Their story highlights have covers of different types of plants and are in line with the brand’s voice.

16. Mora Taara

Source: Mora Taara account

 Mora Taara uses its Instagram bio to promote its brand promise and products. They have a specific link promoting their new products and have aesthetic highlights showcasing their products in homes.

Food and beverage

17. Rage Coffee 


Source: Rage Coffee Instagram page

Rage Coffee seems to use emojis for one reason: to draw users’ eyes to the area it wants to emphasise. The approach with emojis in between makes it easy to read each of the points, and they match the playfulness of the brand. Story collections include their NFTs, products and their reviews, and partnerships with people and other brands.

18. Snackible

Source: Snackible Instagram page


Snackible has an Instagram bio that emphasises its mission.  The specific link takes users to a page where they can purchase the brand’s bestsellers and newest products. Their Story highlights also remind people that tasty food can be healthy too and include surprises for every occasion.

19. Postcard: Foods of India

Source: Postcard: Foods of India Instagram page

Postcard: Foods of India uses its Instagram bio to let people know what its brand is. The CTA is strong and draws attention to it which drives users to the main homepage for them to order from them. They also share recipes of authentic foods of India that support their brand mission.

20. The Baklava Box

Source: The Baklava Box Instagram page

The Baklava Box’s Instagram bio reads like a list of bullet points with emojis highlighting everything, which is ideal for a quickly scrolling mobile audience. The Story thumbnails match the branded white colour of the main profile picture, are in sync, and feature the same simplistic text.

Optimise your Instagram presence with a perfect first impression

Among all the social media platforms where your business may be present, Instagram is a special one, simply because it’s image-driven. This allows your product images to lead while giving your marketing content plenty of creative options to reach your target customer.

To leverage this platform though, the first impression you make is critical. This means, your Instagram success may hinge on the attractiveness of your Instagram Bio and profile. Use the strategies outlined in this guide to construct your first impression carefully. Be open to testing and iteration to improve it regularly. Ultimately, an optimised Bio and profile will go a long way in supporting your marketing efforts on Instagram and play a part in the eventual success of your venture. 


How many characters are in an Instagram bio?

The Instagram bio character limit is 150 characters per the latest updates by Instagram.

How do you put a clickable link in an Instagram bio?

To add a link to your Instagram bio:

  1. Open your Instagram mobile app.
  2. Visit your profile by tapping the person icon on the bottom right.
  3. Tap Edit Profile at the top of the screen.
  4. Add a link to your website or landing page in the format of
  5. Tap Done to save your bio.

How do you centre an Instagram bio?

To centre your Instagram bio:

  1. Open the Notes app on your phone.
  2. Create a new note.
  3. Paste your bio and add spaces to it.
  4. Copy the bio from Notes by selecting all (including spaces)
  5. Open the Instagram app and go to Edit Profile.
  6. In the bio section, paste the text. The number of spaces you add to the text will dictate if it gets centred or not.
  7. If not, go back to Notes and adjust the spaces as you like.

How do you edit an Instagram bio?

To edit your business information on Instagram:

  1. Go to your account.
  2. Tap Edit Profile.
  3. Under Public Business Information, you can edit the following: the Facebook page your Instagram account is connected to, business category, and business contact info.
  4. Once you’ve finished updating your business info, tap Done to return to your profile.

How do you add a location to your Instagram bio?

To add the location of your business on Instagram:

  1. Go to your Instagram account.
  2. Tap Edit Profile.
  3. Under Public Business Information, you can edit your company location. Once you’ve finished updating your location, tap Done to return to your profile.

How do you make your Instagram Bio attractive?

To create an attractive bio for your Instagram professional account;

You can use keywords to optimise your bio. Make sure that you add the category or industry that your business deals in. It also benefits if you add a website link to your bio and use your branded hashtag. Also add contact options and call to action buttons.

Is Instagram shopping available in India?

Instagram shopping has not rolled out in India entirely. Only “Managed Clients” can use Instagram shopping. Once you reach a certain amount of popularity, Facebook representatives will reach out to you so that you can set up Instagram shopping in India. 

What are Instagram guides and what are the formats available?

    Instagram guides are curated posts and content presented in a long-form blog format. Instagram guides can be created in three formats;

    1. Products
    2. Places, and
    3. Posts

    You can create Instagram guides on any content and theme you want. If you have an Instagram Shopping feature, it will be helpful to integrate the both.

    Do you want to create your own online store?