10 Useful Newsletters for Keeping Web Developers Current

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The pace of change in the world of web development is exciting, and at times overwhelming.

To stay up-to-date, you probably find yourself digging through trending repositories on Github, checking various blogs, and reading forum posts. However, this can be quite time consuming. One way to save yourself the hassle of clicking and scrolling through pages, looking for useful news, is to subscribe to an industry newsletter. Let the newsletter publishers do the digging for you, and enjoy having valuable information be delivered directly to your inbox.

The help you stay in the know of budding web development trends—and to save you from hunting down news on your own—we recommend checking out the following newsletters.

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Language and framework-specific newsletters

Want to hone your craft around one language, or explore new frameworks? These publications focus on some of the most popular web dev languages and frameworks.

1. Ruby Weekly

developer newsletter: ruby

A favorite among Shopify developers, Ruby is a popular general purpose programming language. Since its release in late 1996, the language has continued to evolve. To help you stay on top of new releases, learn what other developers have built, and find tutorials, tools, and code snippets, Ruby Weekly will deliver relevant links to you each week.

2. Fullstack React

developer newsletter: fullstack

If you’ve ever used Shopify Polaris, you’re already familiar with React. Several companies have embraced React as the go-to framework for building impactful user interfaces and taking user experience to the next level. To learn all about the innovative ways React is being used, Fullstack React provides weekly news on what’s happening in the React ecosystem, with an emphasis on useful libraries, tutorials, and code.

3. GraphQL Weekly

developer newsletter: graphql

GraphQL has been hailed as a revolutionary API language, due to its ability to quickly and efficiently perform API requests. With the recent launch of Shopify’s new Admin API in GraphQL, there’s even more reason to explore the language’s potential. GraphQL Weekly is a newsletter that can keep you informed on this language’s developments.

4. Javascript Weekly

developer newsletter: javascript

Javascript is considered to be the most popular web development language worldwide. With so many devs building with JS, it’s not surprising that new frameworks, libraries, and tools are constantly popping up. For quick access to everything .js, Javascript Weekly has you covered.

5. PyCoder’s Weekly

developer newsletter: pycoders

The popularity and application of Python is growing. To learn more about how this language is used, PyCoder’s Weekly delivers a fresh newsletter every Friday, with links to upcoming Python conferences, project repos, job postings, and useful discussion boards.

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Assorted web development trend-tracking newsletters

If you’re a fullstack developer—or just want to broaden your programming horizons—you may prefer to read about general trends across various disciplines and communities. The following publications will bring you an assortment of updates, keeping you in the loop while you code your loops.

6. Sidebar.io

developer newsletter: sidebar

For developers that are backend focused, user experience and front end design can feel like mysterious territory. To get up to speed on the other sides of development, Sidebar.io provides five article links daily, focused on UI, UX, and web design.

7. Code Project

developer newsletter: code project

This weekly newsletter covers trending topics spanning all areas of development and computer engineering. In addition, Code Project boasts a community of around 14 million members, and hosts discussion boards were you can discuss subjects and articles with your development peers.

8. /dev tips

developer newsletter: dev

After combing through lines of code and scanning through documentation all day, you sometimes just need a break from reading text. To help mix things up, /dev tips drops a tip into your inbox each week, always in the form of a gif.

9. Fullweb

developer newsletter: fullweb

Even the busiest developers can make time to read five articles a week. Curated specifically for full stack developers, fullweb provides five links each week, covering web development, backend development, DevOps, automation, and user experience.

10. Smashing Newsletter

developer newsletter: smashing

Straight from one of the oldest and best-known publication for web developers, Smashing Newsletter provides an excellent snapshot into the current state of web development. This newsletter goes out twice a month and opens with a brief letter from Smashing Magazine’s founder.

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