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The Founder’s Zodiac: Which Fictional Entrepreneur Are You? [QUIZ]

Illustration of the silhouettes of five fictional entrepreneurs: Dolores Abernathy, Mr. Kim, Princess Caroline, Johnny Rose, and Fran from Shrill

After studying some of the millions of business owners who use Shopify, we’ve discovered that founders tend to fall into one of five personality types. Take our quiz: What type of entrepreneur are you?

Television rarely mirrors reality, but that’s why we love it, right? The passive entertainment of diving into a fantasy world without leaving the couch is one of life’s great escapes. Let’s not call it a guilty pleasure. After a hard day’s work—especially if you run your own business—you deserve a break. 

Even if your favorite series is fictional, on-screen entrepreneurs can teach us a thing or two about our own founder personalities. Are you curious and passionate like Nancy Drew? Driven and ruthless like The Wire’s Stringer Bell? Free spirited like Shrill BFF/hair queen Fran? Or are you cunning and hardworking like BoJack Horseman’s Princess Caroline? 

Take the quiz to find out which fictional founder you are—and what it says about your entrepreneurial style. Plus, we’ll share handpicked ideas and advice based on your personality type.

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Illustrations by Alice Mollon