Selling $3 Billion on Autopilot: Less Effort, More Growth via Ecommerce Automation

Selling $3 Billion on Autopilot: Less Effort, More Growth via Ecommerce Automation
  • Since Launchpad’s debut in Apr. 2017, businesses have collectively sold over more than $3 billion using the automation tool
  • Editorial note: as of Sept. 2018, Launchpad has generated over $3 billion in sales for Shopify Plus merchants
  • Frankies Bikinis has increased its new collection launches from twice a year to once every month — growing at 400% YoY
  • Operating in twelve countries, 100% Pure saves hundreds of hours it originally spent manually running flash sales
  • “It was critical to 10X-ing our year-over-year revenue last Black Friday Cyber Monday,” says Chase Fisher, founder of Blenders Eyewear, “and it’s part of how we plan to 4X sales this year.”

Keep reading to find out how ecommerce automation is letting high-volume businesses scale faster.

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Sample pages on using automation as a holiday ecommerce strategy
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There are hundreds of to-do list items to consider, and the stress of completing them quickly is compounded by the fact that you and your team are running on fumes.

One misstep can cost you thousands in lost sales, or worse … too many sales at the wrong discounted price.

“Someone on our team used to stay up until midnight to switch store themes for a sale,” says Kurt Schulz, Director of Digital Strategy at The Sock Drawer. “Forgetting to do so could cost us 12 to 15 hours worth of potential revenue and a lot of frustration.”

They’re now able to automate sales events using Launchpad — a free ecommerce automation tool for Shopify Plus merchants that makes it easy to schedule, execute and monitor events such as sales, product releases, inventory restocks, and content changes.

Want to know how Launchpad gave them a competitive edge?

Here are three use cases that have already helped thousands of businesses generate $3 billion in sales on autopilot.

1. Ditch the Launch Day Checklist

According to Brittney Bowles, Director of Marketing & Ecommerce at Frankies Bikinis, launching a new product line without an automated tool is “a manual process that requires speed and precision, which don’t always go well together.”

With Launchpad, Bowles says her team no longer has to manually execute a long checklist of to-dos for both Frankies stores in a rushed effort right before the event, like …

  • Altering collections
  • Listing new products
  • Swapping landing pages
  • Inputting discounts and sales
  • Publishing new layouts
  • Updating their homepage, hero images, and site-wide marketing

Even better, the company achieved impressive results for its recent collection launches with one earning $150,000 in its first hour, selling out a specific style in two minutes, and then generating another $95,000 when the out-of-stock item returned. Aided by automation …

Frankies Bikinis is growing at 400% year-over-year.

“This is why Launchpad is our savior,” says Bowles. “We schedule everything during normal business hours, and Launchpad does all of the work for us automatically.”

Selling $2 Billion On Autopilot: Less Effort More Growth Via Ecommerce Automation

Frankies Bikinis recent Black Friday (above) and Cyber Monday (below) events using Launchpad to automatically roll out and roll back discounts, theme changes, and products
Selling $2 Billion On Autopilot: Less Effort More Growth Via Ecommerce Automation
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2. Reallocate Your Resources & Time

Organic beauty brand 100% Pure faced similar challenges as the Frankies Bikinis team before discovering Launchpad.

Most of the burden fell on the merchant’s front-end developer, Chris Tran, who was responsible for staying up late to prep the ecommerce site for campaigns, flash sales, and product releases. He also had to come in early the next day to make sure it was all working.

In 100% Pure’s case, the pre-launch “to do” list includes...

  • Creating special product pages and collections
  • Adding line item discount and shipping scripts
  • Loading sliders, modules, and inventory tags

Thankfully, Tran now delegates all of that work to automation.

With all of that free time (hundreds of hours, in fact), he can focus on maximizing sales via Launchpad’s real-time analytics dashboard by monitoring sales event performance and making real-time adjustments.

When he notices inventory of a featured product is running low, 100% Pure can promote other products with a solid inventory count.

Selling $2 Billion On Autopilot: Less Effort More Growth Via Ecommerce Automation

“Launchpad saves us a bunch of time,” Tran says. “Instead of doing all of that tedious manual work I can now focus on more important work like mining our analytics to discover patterns that’ll help increase sales. The real benefit is efficiency. We’re able to do more with fewer people."

“Automation is going to play a big role in our future. It’ll allow us to focus on being merchants and growing the business instead of the repetitive tasks that slow us down.”

3. Grow Faster with Less Stress

Rather than do one or two massive product launches a year, many Shopify Plus merchants like Modern Times Beer now use Launchpad to promote a new collection every month – each of which performs better and is less stressful.

Selling $2 Billion On Autopilot: Less Effort More Growth Via Ecommerce Automation
Modern Times Beer has achieved similar results, increasing monthly sales revenue while providing a seamless user experience.

Selling $2 Billion On Autopilot: Less Effort More Growth Via Ecommerce Automation

“Launchpad makes selling special releases a breeze. Launches are less stressful, and we’ve significantly boosted our revenue YoY,” says Jeremy Danenhauer, Director of General Operations at Modern Times Beer.

The simplicity of the app’s design mixed with the power of real-time data makes it essential for any shop owner doing large releases.

Will You Be Part of the Next Billion?

It’s time to add a new member to your team that won’t burn out or miss a beat during stressful product launches and flash sales.

You can automate your launch day to-do list tasks and instead focus on more important matters, like maximizing sales.

Want to be part of a growing list of Shopify Plus merchants who have this competitive sales edge?

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Selling $2 Billion On Autopilot: Less Effort More Growth Via Ecommerce Automation

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