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Refersion is a tracking platform that is designed to help you quickly create and launch your own promotion network. We handle the all heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on growing your business through partnerships with bloggers, micro-influencers, and ambassadors.

We started out as a beta product and evolved into a profitable company in just 2 years, without investors. We’re committed to helping businesses of all sizes thrive in a world where performance is everything and data is king.

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June 2017


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Blenders Eyewear

Into The AM

Pura Vida Bracelets


Primally Pure

Cabana Life



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“Refersion is a very well run program and really easy to use. As soon as I log in, I can see exactly what’s going on from the Dashboard. What’s up, what’s down; it’s all there and easy to understand. It’s also easy to communicate with our affiliates. Refersion's customer service is great too!”

Brian DePalma, Marketing Manager, Blenders Eyewear

“We came to Refersion because we needed a way to manage and motivate our Pura Vida Reps. Refersion keeps all of our reps organized and gives us a high-level look on their performance each month.”

Griffin Thall, CEO, Pura Vida

“I really like it. It’s easy to use. It’s intuitive, clear, and makes it easy to report on the program and keep track of everything. It’s great.”

Jessica Barbaria, Digital Strategist, Performix Driven

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