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The Privy platform is integrated with Shopify Plus to allow one click signup and a wealth of targeting options that improve the performance of Plus stores. By identifying everything from current cart value to source URL to location and language to browsing history, Privy makes it simple to configure complex targeting criteria and trigger the right message at the right time. Whether you are using a cart saver with exit intent, a special discount on a brand new product, or dozens of other common uses of Privy, you’ll be able to see exactly who signed up, what offer they received, whether it was redeemed, and the revenue associated with it.

- Customizable, mobile friendly display types including popups, banners, flyouts, scroll boxes, announcement bars, and embedded forms for email collection

- Single use, and bulk coupon code integration. Surface coupon codes in your popups, or in immediate email autoresponders

- Display and target campaigns based on exit, cart abandonment, cart value, scroll, timer, geography, device type, page, number of visits, referral site, language and more

- Run automated A/B split tests to understand how small changes impact conversion rates

- Offer redemption tracking for either ecommerce or in-store transactions

- Add free shipping bars to any page in your store
Send reminder emails to turn signups into sales

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